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RaynerSkyNews: Demonstrators calling for introduction of Eurobonds gather outside EU leaders minister in Brussels

Press TV: A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in a protest in front of the new National Stadium in #Warsaw,

ssstofff: fucking hell, theyre burning cars !!!! where is the police ?!! #brussels orteliusstraat

Khalid Khan: Sharing is not Stealing sign carried by Anonymous member in Brussels to protest against ACTA

Khalid Khan: Members of hacktivist group Anonymous protest in Brussels against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ACTA

EllySlo: STOP #ACTA! Join the protest in #ljubljana on Saturday, feb 4!! #Slovenija

jailanmagdy1: Paris overflowing with Egyptian people supporting the revolution

TheDrama_Queenx: Protest in Poland against #ACTA - dont take the ponies away from us

SugaryMary: @YourAnonNews Hey, there was an Anonymous protest against #ACTA, today in Paris, didnt you know? o.O Well, have this!

Benjamin Franck: Lonely Anonymous during the Stop #ACTA protest in Brussels

MemetUludag: #IrishAntiwar #Dublin Anas Al Tikriti talking about Revolution in Egypt & the ongoing struggle.&people of revolution

lou: RT @AnonyOps #ACTA protests all over France | # ACTA manifestations dans toute la France | Paris Reims

brandalisms: In Dublin now, people gathering in the anti #ACTA #sopaIRELAND protests

bkuszewski: Warsaw protest against #acta #ActAgainstACTA

UFF PUBLICIDAD: Polish politicians wear the mask in the Polish Parliament in protest against the signing of ACTA

Anon_VV: Members of the Polish Parliament wearing #anonymous masks to protest against #ACTA approval #opPoland

Edward Díaz: Meanwhile in Poland political members of the Parliament wore Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

elreystadesnudo: Another pic on the Polish protests against #ACTA

elreystadesnudo: When I was in Gdańsk airport I took some pics from Polish television about the protests against #ACTA

Akber Ali: Polish Opposition parties don Anonymous masks in protest to Polands signing ACTA:

sarahisDOT: Found in my newspaper today: 9gag in real life in Polish protests against #ACTA

AnonyOps: RT @wole_bez @AnonyOps people protest in #Gorzow #Poland

wole_bez: @YourAnonNews people protest in #Gorzow #Poland

Press TV: Demonstrators take part in a protest against #Polands government plans to sign an international copyright agreeme

TheDrama_Queenx: Protest in Poland against #ACTA ! Stop #ACTA !