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57UN: Well known sign from #Anaheim ! Hey Kids! Check out my military police! Spread it. Share it. Steal it! #OpAnaheim #FTP

57UN: Getting tweets from several tweeps not seeing Guy Fawkess at #Anaheims protests, well you are wrong! #Anonymous #FTP

57UN: According to many protesters in #Anaheim having protest sign there is big chance you get arrested. RIP first amendment!

Occupy Ventura: Anaheim Police Say They Will Reach Out to Community After Shootings, Protests #Anaheim @nbcla

57UN: Police state is here. This was in #Anaheim neighborhoods with loads of unmarked vehicles loaded with cops in. #FTP

DailyDNews: New wave of Anaheim protests: 9 arrested as police disperse crowds (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

ReporterClaudia: People outside state attorney generals office in downtown LA call for probe of #Anaheim PD. #APD

johnNBCLA: Protest against Anaheim PD for police brutality - complaint files with State AG Office @nbcla

StopMotionsolo: The #ndaa in #anaheim. #Solidarity to fellow protesters against #policebrutality. #ows #ocam @OccupyWallStNYC

57UN: Welcome to #Anaheim! Militarized police take aim at protesters from the PD roof. #FTP #OpAnaheim #OWS

plungerman: RT @57UN No its not Egypt! Its USA military police spreading in #Anaheim as protesters clashes with them. #OpAnaheim #FTP

57UN: USA Police state?! Naah its more military state right now.. Soldier taking pictures of protesters in #Anaheim. #FTP

OccupyManJose: Someone holding sign critical of the military police and Disneyland was violently arrested today in #Anaheim

9001_faps: New wave of #Anaheim protests: 9 arrested as police disperse crowds (PHOTOS) #USA

Political Fail Blog: Man carrying a sign that said, Hey kids, check out my military police! being assaulted & arrested. #Anaheim

AmberLyon: Pic: A memorial for Manuel Diaz, 25, who was shot and killed by #Anaheim police on July 21.

OccupyJapan12: Twitter: This military clothes wearing #Anaheim cop was ready to serve & protect the shit out us from the PDs roof.

Political Fail Blog: @CourtneyOccupy live streaming outside of the #Anaheim police department. #OpAnaheim

HeyKitty: #Anaheim police officer shouts, Back up woman, (screen shot fm @TimCast vid)

HeyKitty: Weapon vs camera: #Anaheim police officer points weapon @ someone shooting pictures (screen grab frm @Timcast vid)

Political Fail Blog: Welcome to #Anaheim! Militarized police take aim at protesters from the PD roof. #Policestate #OpAnaheim

Political Fail Blog: The war is coming home. Another police officer in military gear watching over #Anaheim protesters #OpAnaheim

vivienweisman: RT @CurtRowlett #Anaheim police with grenade launchers blocking the entrance to Disneyland from demonstrators. #FTP #ACAB #KillerCops

Jiraffa: Zero police at vigal. Good vibes. #anaheim

OccupyManJose: Please spread this image of #Anaheims #military #police presence today at #peaceful protests

5h1ny5h4d0wZ: RT @Revolution1Anon #Anaheim protest: Crowd chants Am I next? outside police station #AmInext?

roamingradical: RT @AnonNCarolina2 Military police (SWAT officer) going over @timcasts ID #Anaheim #PoliceState

extra__extra: @lbc973 Modern policing involves armed police AND the MILITARY… scary #policestate! Pic: PD in #Anaheim today

MaChaete: RT @MikePrysner Police horses out in #Anaheim today

EMMYdiocrity: RT @chapeaudefee Cops on horses surround #Anaheim protestors on their way to a vigil. Reports of 6 arrests. via @lizsavage livestream

occuchat: #occuchat RT @AmberLyon Pic: Protester: #Anaheim PD is an Army of the rich

Realitytalks: @AmberLyon Pic: PD in #Anaheim today The militarization of US police needs to stop. The protesters are non-violent!

Anonymous Pirates: More #opAnaheim supporters bringing pizza to #Anaheim protesters

AmberLyon: Pic: 10 yr old Lizette Cosas protests the Manuel Diaz killing: The whole damn system is guilty #Anaheim

mikebobio: SWAT keeps an eye on protestors from rooftop in #Anaheim

OccupyManJose: Wheres the army?! RT @MsBecker A couple random Christian protestors by Disneyland #Anaheim

AmberLyon: Pic: Father and son protest in front of #Anaheim PD dept

HeyKitty: Protestors run as theyre blocked off & divided by #Anaheim PD … unfazed they drum & chant w/cars honking in support

SweetTreat80: RT @Pennyvane10 #anaheim _ Hey Kids, check out our military police.

HeyKitty: Crowd chaotic, instead of orderly march #Anaheim PD steer direction away fm Disneyland;protestors say theyll go around

twnstar2: RT @HeyKitty #Anaheim PD leading, protestors marching behind (screen grab fm @cross_x_bones livestream)

DiabloAnon: [#Anaheim] Heavy police presence continues, even reports of cops on roof of the police station (

clearcup: RT @MsBecker Quite police state-y #Anaheim

TheReallyRick: #OWS @OccupyWallSt protesters getting violent towards #Anaheim police, arrests happening, guns up!

exiledsurfer: Riot police in #Anaheim with weapons they refuse to identify to livestreamer.

Patrick deHahn: This photo of militarized police in Anaheim was reportedly screencapped from a live stream today:

adamtoneal: Huge police presence near ball and lemon. #anaheim

oo_conference: RT @Mike_Peake…militarized police in #Anaheim stopping marchers from reaching the seat of power, Disneyland. Unbelievable

exiledsurfer: #Anaheim riot police with batons face off with protesters, who believe they will be kettled on Cambridge / Ball Rd.

Mike_Peake: RT @oo_conference Heavily armed and militarized forces on streets being used against PEACEFUL protests in #anaheim.

oo_conference: Peaceful protests now being pushed by police on horses. #anaheim

exiledsurfer: #anaheim police on horses give a dispersal order to protesters.

joesutton: #Anaheims response to ppl protesting police brutality, taken from @Timcast

DiabloAnon: [#Anaheim] 11 cops in military camo riot gear on one vehicle, very heavy police presence

OpocAnOn: #Anaheim totally military outfitted, theyre asking for war

MsBecker: #Anaheim protests heading east on Ball Rd

CarrieFoTruth: RT @UrbanIntifada Military Police blocking bridge to #Disney right now at Harbor and Ball. Disney is the corporation to protect. #Anaheim

PrisonReformMvt: RT @exiledsurfer #Anaheim police on horses have their batons out #opAnaheim.

amberjamie99pct: Riot police waiting for us with weapons out #Anaheim

MsBecker: #Anaheim PD kettling protestors to sidewalk before it hits Disneyland

exiledsurfer: #Anaheim police dispersing protesters with horses. #opAnaheim

OccupyNCSU: Well damn. o.O Stay safe everyone! Police & military acting crazy out there today. =( RT @OaklandElle #Anaheim

Killuminatii: Crowd march headed towards Disneyland now:

adamtoneal: Police now shutting down parts of Harbor Blvd. #Anaheim

ocralph714: @amberjamie99pct RT @PaliCali48 Military behind the Police Department #Anaheim #OpAnaheim #FTP police state anybody

UrbanIntifada: Just behind the protest over the #Anaheim PD wall. There seems to be a military unit staging. #PoliceState #APDRiot

MsBecker: Protestors in front of #Anaheim police station

OccupyV: RT @EriqFelix Successful #Anaheim peace march! Great community solidarity. Positive discourse w/ elected officials too #WeAreAnaheim

Yasmin Nouh: #SomosAnaheim protest coming to an end in front of #Anaheim City Hall

Yasmin Nouh: #SomosAnaheim protesters getting support from passerbys #Anaheim

constantnatalie: RT @adamtoneal Someone on a loudspeaker reading out names of people killed by apd. #Anaheim

Org9: Screen grab of same woman relaxing on the police line, separated from the #Anaheim citizens crowd.

Org9: Screen grab at 6:00 of a mystery woman Yelling at #Anaheim police officers.

smilyus: RT @amberjamie99pct Group of protesters walking in picket circle #Anaheim

GustavoArellano: Church right across street from #Anaheim protest

OpocAnOn: RT @Ustream WATCH: @Cross_X_Bones is broadcasting LIVE from the #Anaheim protests, tune in here:

jaykelly26: RT @amberjamie99pct Kellys Army and Anaheim Cruzaders trying to keep peace between officers and 200 protesters #Anaheim

adamtoneal: 4 police on roof of apd. Fully armed in combat uniforms. Appear to have non lethal weapons. #Anaheim

Ramon Galindo: Police on horses guarding #Anaheim police station

AntonioNBCLA: Anaheim pd staying close to peace march. #Anaheimprotest

exiledsurfer: RT @mcduh RT @FeralFerguson Cops and firefighters atop #Anaheim police station.

FeralFerguson: Media staged across the street fro Anaheim police station. #Anaheim #AnaheimPD

OccupyV: RT @AntonioNBCLA All is calm in Anaheim as police circle city hall on horses. No sign of protesters yet.

FeralFerguson: #Anaheim police horses across from #AnaheimPD

FeralFerguson: Horses in front of Anaheim police station. #AnaheimPD

amberjamie99pct: @occupyla @occupysd and @occupyoakland out here at #Anaheim Police protest

GustavoArellano: Here is #Anaheim police tactical center for protests today—OC sheriffs also have huge presence. Next to La Palma Park

opanaheim: #anaheim #Police is scared of us, they have barricaded the public police department building to keep the public away.

Political Fail Blog: Fire racist cops! A man stops in front of the line of #Anaheim scooter police in front of #Disneyland #OpAnaheim

Political Fail Blog: Not the happiest place on earth Gas-masked protester stands up against police violence @ #Disneyland in #Anaheim

420jthm: RT @mtracey MASSIVE WIN RT @AnonIRC #Anaheim Police protest at Disneyland: NOT the happiest place on Earth

Imaginat1on: Small protest in front of Disneyland. 15 minute parking is closed. @DisneylandLive @arounddisney

Imaginat1on: Small protest in front of Disneyland. 15 minute parking is closed. @DisneylandLive @arounddisney

small_affair: RT @amberjamie99pct Sonia Hernandez, sister of Martin Hernandez shot by APD in March at Disneyland protest #Anaheim

patticar: RT @EdJoyce .@MichelleNBCLA tweeting from Disneyland, one of several protests in #Anaheim today over recent police shootings.

LeftonMain: RT @Ustream Live coverage of Disneyland protests in #Anaheim today via @OccupyFreedomLA.

GinaSilvafox11: Anaheim PD setting up K-rails outside of dept. Preps 4more protests. Ill have a live report coming up at 10pm.

MsBecker: RT @davetheubergeek The #Anaheim police have apparently been practicing being plunged into the 19th century.

ellery: RT @Yorshmore Protest in L.A. against #Anaheim Police Department.

rofsia: Anticapitalist #Anaheim solidarity rally. Fuck the Rampart PD. Against police brutality and murder.

ElleryMitten: Chamting ftp acab outside opd, blocking traffic solidarity march with #anaheim

dennisjromero: Small #Anaheim protest near #LAPD Rampart station in Westlake.

hmltn: 10 TV news vans here for Anaheim protest/vigil in response to Anaheim shootings by police. 11th just drove up.

OccupyAustin: Happening now! Occupy Austin and #PeacefulStreets #Anaheim solidarity rally. Join us in front of the APD HQ on 8th! #r

occupysd619: @anonops @AnonyOps @AnonPress Anaheim PD is corrupt - help spread the news about the continual police violence

PLF2012: RT @57UN A police officer points his weapon at a photographer at a protest against #Anaheims police brutality. #FuckTehPolice

current: Protests over police shootings grow violent in Anaheim RT @TYTonCurrents population snapshot.

sharpfang: @SBSRadio_News You are so f*cked - US execution policy now Let police execute suspects RT @GladstoneReport #anaheim

GladstoneReport: @Timcast NBC journalist ducks down in drivers seat after PD riot weapons strike car windshield #Anaheim another pic

minnie_rivera86: RT @GladstoneReport Anaheim police in front of the City Hall, awesome pic…

AnonymousOnAir: RT @Timcast A fight almost breaks out as police arrive. #Anaheim

AmberLyon: Photo: NBC journalist ducks down in drivers seat after PD riot weapons strike car windshield #Anaheim

roamingradical: RT @SFTStreets Police guard #Anaheim City Hall yesterday as during a protest against a police shooting that left a man dead. #USpoli

VikkiNBCLA: Family of #Anaheim shooting victim Manuel Disz asks for peace. His photo released here.

NICK @CNNCNY : Police stand in #anaheim ready during a protest over the shooting death of Manuel Angel Diaz on Tuesday, July 24,

57UN: Last nights #Anaheim protests, more than 20 people were arrested. several injured. #FuckTehPolice

rattlecans: RT @voddy_queen Man Shot 5ft away by Police projectile. See pic below, and Video here - #Anaheim

AnnetteNBCLA: Anaheim residents clean up the mess left by demonstrators who took to the streets protesting two police shootings

Timcast: Various projectiles fired at journalists, protesters, and bystanders in #Anaheim

Anon_Online: #Americans #Protest against #Police brutality in #Anaheim RT #Anonymous @Timcast

chichtweets: Solidarity to the protesters in #Anaheim from @occupySYDNEY. No justice. No peace. Fuck the police!

PaliCali48: Message to police departments across country When youre in #riot gear everything looks like a riot #Anaheim #APDRiot

Jessica Rosengard: A homemade sign of one girl who ultimately got arrested after taunting police. #anaheim @timcast

chapeaudefee: Police are now frisking the skateboarder they arrested. #Anaheim

scottac87: Police are closing off areas. #Anaheim

DrunkyMonken: @Timcast @MikePrysner Ammunition used against unarmed protesters by police in #Anaheim.

Happy_Arab: Earlier today: #Anaheim police guilty #FTP

HeyKitty: #Anaheim police arresting man who refused to go home

my2cnz: Man just arrested at Anaheim protest @Cross_X_Bones

Occupy_Yourself: Evidence of bean bags fired on protestors in #Anaheim. via @TimCast

KPCCcorey: A trash bin burns on Lincoln Ave near Clementine St. as Anaheim police in riot gear clear area of unruly protesters.

KPCCcorey: Anaheim protesters - some with skateboards - busted windows of this clothing store near Lincoln Ave & Clementine St.

TNyhoff: police shutting down a protest in #Anaheim right now. #sarcasm #godblessamerica

KPCCcorey: Anaheim police break up a fight near City Hall as some protesters throw rocks, set fires and break store windows.

KPCCcorey: Anaheim resident Yolanda Delgado, 68, fights a young woman (bkpk) she says tried to loot a store during unruly protest.

progressnow1: @timcast shows pepper balls and bean bag rounds fired by #Anaheim PD during protests of extra-judicial executions

joeltena: picture of rubber projectile that #Anaheim Police are now shooting into crowd protesting police abuse (via @Timcast)

Cameron White: Screen cap of rubber impact projectile fired by police on #Anaheim protestors via @timcast @Newyorkist @AmberLyon

Brianna_Ortiz: Getting serious out here in Anaheim #police #Anaheim #shooting #killed

robvato: BREAKING:amidst community protests & #Anaheim police vioLence,Disneylnd asks visitors 2 remain inside, free of reality

Krionni: Police created this mess, fire department (real public servants) clean it up in #Anaheim.

VCitizenV: rounds fired by police #anaheim #ows #ftp #rubberbullets #apd

DiabloAnon: A man suffers a serious gash to the head from police non-lethal ammunition in #Anaheim [Graphic]

dana_orourke: .@timcast Counted seven helicopters in #Anaheim Lines of police were advancing forward shooting pepper balls, et al

Krionni: Police brutality temporarily interrupted by circus train in #Anaheim

greeninbc: Reports of police firing at people just crossing the street in #anaheim. All this for nothing!!

Inside Breaking News: Photo shows dumpster fire near site of Anaheim protests - via @sibzianna

Ajai Dittmar: - Fire near a fenced field in #Anaheim, second one @Timcast has seen- apparent activity in alley, shots being fire

chapeaudefee: Riot police back in action. #Anaheim via @Timcast

AnonKopimi: RT @danji cops shooting people at protest in #anaheim after two murders by police this week. #ows #ggi screencap from @Timcast

jamesx61: Police survey small fire in downtown #anaheim via @Timcast

chapeaudefee: Riot police examine a second dumpster fire, which @Timcast thinks smells like a chemical fire. #Anaheim

LatinaAnarchist: @OWSLivestream Non-lethal rounds fired by #Anaheim PD from @Timcast #FTP #OWS MY ASS no warning either

chapeaudefee: Screenshot of a Super Shock canister leftover from police shots via @Timcasts stream. #Anaheim

Ajai Dittmar: #Anaheim #TimCast @TimCast canister from bullets police shot at protesters

theUKtoday: Whats being shot at #anaheim protestors @timcast

Lou_M: RT @nicolesantacruz Non-lethal force used by police to contain protesters in #Anaheim.

chapeaudefee: This is an earlier photo of the police line and media. Via @Timcasts stream #Anaheim

Anonymous Pirates: More intersections blocked in #Anaheim by the PD who just killed a man recently

blubdha: RT @Jiraffa Just after tear gas and rubber bullets #Anaheim

amberjamie99pct: Riot police wearing masks Anaheim and Broadway in via #Anaheim #ows

OccupyChevy: RT @amberjamie99pct Riot police still in Anaheim, now armed with tactical gear. Dispersal order given by helicopyter #Anaheim #ows

Join_Us: RT @davetheubergeek Firecrackers, rocks, pavers, bottles. Fuck the police! from all corners. #Anaheim

davetheubergeek: Police, canisters at the ready. #Anaheim

davetheubergeek: A woman laid on the ground in front of an APD cruiser, was dragged away by fellow protesters. #Anaheim

ajessicuh: @missriibabyy @kenia_barahona I like right by Anaheim blv. My street is blocked by the fire trucks .

HeyKitty: Cars going around people blocking intersections, some honk in support and get cheers #Anaheim

amberjamie99pct: Earlier this afternoon in chalked in front of riot police: APD Another Person Dead #Anaheim #ows @OccupyWallStNYC

Ramon Galindo: Protesters have shut down streets of Anaheim as riot cops try to surround crowd

MikePrysner: Theres 2012 Presidential Candidate @petalindsay, yelling in the face of #Anaheim police. Change you can believe in!

Louisa Hodge: Crowd of protesters throwing rocks, bottles and traffic cones at police in riot gear at Anaheim City Hall.

EdJoyce: Woman says Im just beyond shocked this has happened, referring to #Anaheim police shooting of Manuel Diaz.

GinaSilvafox11: Protest in Anaheim over an officer involved shooting keeps growing. @myfoxla

Dick Whiskey: The crowd holding police back on #Anaheim blvd.

petalindsay: Damion, whos friend Mike Nida was killed by Downey PD spoke out at the police station. Justice! #anaheim

Happy_Arab: @dteg32 @raniakhalek the citys response: riot police block residents from entering #Anaheim council meeting #APDRiot

josh leffler: #anaheim pd hq, march heading back into streets tho…

Happy_Arab: Riot police blocking people from entering #Anaheim city council meeting #APDRiot

schwanksta: RT @nicolesantacruz Police in riot gear outside of Anaheim City Hall.

Chip Yost: Protesters are taunting Anaheim police who are in riot gear outside city hall

fermunation: RT @petalindsay No justice, no peace! No racist police! Why wont they let us into the city council meeting in #anaheim?! #policestate

VikkiNBCLA: #anaheim police guarding doors at city hall as protestors try to get in @NBCLA

Political Fail Blog: Show me what a police state looks like! #Anaheim riot police facing off with an angry crowd of residents #OLA

UrbanIntifada: Meanwhile outside city hall #Anaheim riot police are gathering. #APDRiot

UrbanIntifada: Protest just entered city hall, chant: No justice, no peace, no racist police. #Anaheim

EdJoyce: About two hundred people outside #Anaheim City Hall protesting weekend police shootings. Benjamin Rojas in (PHOTO).

PaliCali48: Sidewalk crowd at anti #PoliceBrutality beginning 200 S Anaheim BLVD NO justice NO peace #Anaheim #APDRiot #OWS #FTP

UrbanIntifada: @Killuminatii doing an interview with Fox 11 on the recent spout of police violence in #Anaheim

KPCC: RT @RuxandraGuidi Makeshift altar for Manuel Diaz, 24, of #Anaheim. Shot & killed by police Sat.

PaliCali48: Police walking thru now asking residents questions, odd scene, theyre interviewing now vid recording #APDriot #Anaheim

UrbanIntifada: Back at other #Anaheim PD murder scene. At least 20 police vehicles.

roamingradical: RT @amberjamie99pct Police lines on Guinida Lane in Anaheim, another man shot by police #ows

PaliCali48: Riot cops on scene of their latest murder tonight in #Anaheim as residents begin to pour out on to the street #APDriot

PDXZapatista: RT @PaliCali48 Residents saying a high pursuit chase ended here, when #Anaheim PD opened fire & killed yet another #APDriot #OccupyOC

GuySteward: RT @OccupyOC Dumpster on fire in middle of La Palma Ave as protesters have taken streets angry at a year full of #Anaheim PD murder!

Dick Whiskey: Theres about 40 people here, dumpster on fire in the middle of the street. #Anaheim

jesuislibertad: RT @GustavoArellano Dumpster burning in Anaheim to protest police. Story here

AllredTodorojo: RT @ArckiiART RT @MikePrysner PHOTO: Rubber bullet wound of woman shot by #Anaheim police while holding her child #FTP

ClaireECramer: RT @Killuminatii Street marches holding up traffic as people protest #Anaheim

EdJReporter: Two #Anaheim police officers on paid leave after shooting man in high crime area. (PHOTOS)

MsBecker: Momentary police presence may have been a dispersal order-chunk of protestors walking away from Anna/La Palma #Anaheim

MsBecker: Protest at Anna and La Palma in Anaheim against police brutality.

jeffnguyen: #Anaheim police cleans up chalk drawings outside station left by #Protesters

busblog: RT @EdJoyce One of dozens of messages on concrete leading to #Anaheim police headquarters front door. (No arrests for chalking).

busblog: RT @EdJoyce More than 75 protesters gathered in front of #Anaheim police headquarters Sunday after an officer-involved shooting.

S_is4Sexy: RT @Killuminatii @Star_Fawkes Protest underway in Anaheim against police brutality

PeggySue_6: RT @MikePrysner PHOTO young sisters of boy mauled by police dog in attack confronts Anaheim cops

MikePrysner: NOW shooting victim speaking at protest inside Anaheim police station stop killing our kids!

EdJoyce: NOW: 50-plus people at Anaheim PD protest:, #Anaheim

rattlecans: RT @MikePrysner PHOTO protest now inside Anaheim police station

MikePrysner: PHOTO: Rubber bullet wound of woman shot by Anaheim police while holding her child

Commuterist: RT @MikePrysner NOW: Emergency protest at Anaheim police station in response to police-led murder and riot against women and children

Kevin Takumi: Anaheim PD makes a show of force after a crowd gets unruly, 3 people hurt by rubber bullets, 1 by dog bite