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matness: [photo] riot police at #UQO. this is what @linebeauchamp has allowed québec universities to become.#ggi #polqc #cfsfcee http://t.co/4H8Np8XK

Adrahovzal: Quebec riot police push through #UQO http://t.co/KBF32zK5

jessiecatherine: Shoving match between protesters and police at front entrance of UQO, with police and protesters getting physical. http://t.co/7pgcocv9

1310craig: Police confirm 60 arrests, some are on this bus that has since left for the station. Others went in police vans #UQO http://t.co/mMbnvnit

1310craig: First police van leaves scene with unknown number of protesters in the back #UQO Others tried to block its exit. http://t.co/a8pQUIQF

CBCAshleyBurke: Protestors now marching away from university down Alexandre-Tache blvd. Police sirens blaring. #cbcott http://t.co/csW4RoCh

CBCAshleyBurke: Police pushing protestors out of one of the doors at lUQO. More police arriving. About 200 demonstrators now #cbcott http://t.co/7IPcyVky

Craig Smith: According to 1 student inside b4 the protesters arrived, Students can no longer enter or exit #UQO http://t.co/dDdYDn4r

CBCAshleyBurke: About 50 protestors gathering now in front of lUQO. Many upset teacher arrested yesterday. #cbcott http://t.co/qCXqrIQM

CBCAshleyBurke: Student protestors here now cleaning up flyers from yesterdays protest in front of UQO. #cbcott http://t.co/8ovhShby

CBCAshleyBurke: Police have cleared out of Universite du Quebec en Outaouais after overnight patrol to keep protestors away. #cbcott http://t.co/wk6wwA4L