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RainerPerlitz: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo:

Nicola Paris: police close ranks in front of $bhp as sun sets and activists return to camp #lizardsrevenge

Lizards Revenge: police dance off. activists win #lizardsrevenge

Lizards Revenge: police dance off. activists win #lizardsrevenge

Lizards Revenge: police proudly protecting corporations Australia wide #lizardsrevenge

eponymousthing: Anti-nuclear protest in Japan, 170k+ people v @akahataseiji

Lizards Revenge: activists peacefully facing police for silent reflection in honour of #fukushima and other victims #lizardsrevenge

danielleussink: Parade through #Tokyo is underway, police breaking the crowd in small groups #Japan #さよなら原発

life surfer : Take a look, ppl gathering Anti-Nukes rally in Yoyogi park #japan #fukushima #opjapan #anonymous #occupy #OWS #OTB #nhk

NoCircusAnimals: Awesome people protesting The Cruelest Show On Earth in LA More protests TODAY thru TUESDAY:

Katie4PETA: Excited to protest @ringlingtweets w/ @peta 2day! #LA join us at the Staples Center from 10-11:30, 2-3:30 and 6-7:30!

arbolioto: BREAKING. American police attack Monthly Artwork teenagers with rubber bullets in LA. Same in Madrid with miners.

AllAboutHelp: @frogsarelovely @oaklandelle @movonup > #Chalkupy that instigated #LAPD police riot. #ChalkWalk #ArtWalk #OccupyLA

NortheastArea: Another pic from the latest round of Occupy. LAPD Metro zooms past! #BehindTheBadge

Tochtli: Police lining the streets of DTLA for protesters :/

MetatronAnonymo: #LAPD clashes with #Occupy protesters at Art Walk, 12 reportedly arrested (PHOTOS)

OCongress: [Photos] LA riot police shoot rubber bullets at protestors chalking sidewalk:

Occupy Congress: [Photos] LA riot police shoot rubber bullets at protestors chalking sidewalk:

p91fun: Chalk Walk, Everything was calm before the riot police showed up.Show me what a Police State looks Like. #ChalkWalk

R U Stalkingme?: Man injured at #chalkwalk by LAPD (pic via @charlesdavis84) LATimes spins no injuries reported:

Joan of Arc: Fuck the police #artwalk

marymad: Riot police at LA Artwalk on KTLA #ola #chalkwalk

nancycasanova: ICYMI: Heres the pic of the girl who got detained by police for writing on the ground with chalk. #DTLA #Artwalk

occuball: #Pigs fire rubber bullets and tear gas at #artwalk event! It was not #occupy 11 people arrested for chalk #ola

viewfromaloft: LAPD on tactical alert at Art Walk. Up to 12 arrests. Pic of 5th and Main blocked.

LeeCamp: Cops firing rubber bullets at peaceful protesters in LA @occupyla #occupy #rightnow

JakeBakerComic: Its a standoff at the Occupy LA protest downtown. Helicopters, shots fired, the hologram of 2Pac has been called in.

allegedlyAndrew: Riot squad, downtown LA

Jon Passantino: New aerial photo shows police and protesters massed in downtown LA

writepudding: Riot police line in downtown LA

actasifmusic: Dudes. Full on riot squad happening at artwalk downtown LA. Not a good vibe—people running—ambulances—etc.

Jon Passantino: Just In: Police and crowds reportedly clash in downtown LA (photo via @NBCLA)

withoutayard: Full LA experience: Volunteers trapped in venue. Riot police in full force & swarm of choppers & squad cars @ 5th &Main

KVOEAM1400: NEWS: EFD, Kansas Gas still on scene after gas leak on Coronado near La Guna.