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Arao Ameny: At E.46 & 1st ave.police asked#nigerian protestors 2 move #occupyNigeria #newyork #NYPD http://t.co/X88jrRbn

Gerard van Mourik: Good coverage of Nigeria protests in Dutch newspapers today: which cities + middle class joins. http://t.co/Ldb6j306

Dynamic Africa: Heres a pic of #Lagos airport jampacked with #OccupyNigeria protesters http://t.co/L5sa3GF0

NaijaPundit: #occupynigeria #nyc compromise reached with #nypd demonstrators can stay across street from #un http://t.co/CxQOTlMs

@ktL Perspective: #OccupyNigeria HOUSTON protest is TODAY, Saturday. 2pm-6pm @9817 BISSONNET ST. #Fox 26 News http://t.co/bkFavquM

ARMSTRONG OTUYAH: A protest at a rally in Lagos against the removal of fuel subsidy. http://t.co/3dYY13Ya

Obed|Lagos|Nextpromo: Video and photo from the #OccupyNigeria Calabar protests http://t.co/MMGV4bwC

lekan leckinson: Breaking news: A mosque in Igun street is burning right now in benin. http://t.co/FhcPqGrg

Gabntoka: GEJs Police helicopter hovering round #occupyNigeria gathering in Surulere. http://t.co/z6Qs9f5b

shrewda: Occupy Nig protests: Hackers declare war on Nigerian govt web - http://t.co/qKRzW2OP - #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidy http://t.co/vYMBcdIC

sammyurch : Nigeria oil subsidy removal may turn in to protest against the government… http://t.co/fcgI9p01

SPEAKZEE: RT @breakingnewsnig Young female protesters move their home to the street in defiance #occupynigeria http://t.co/CvZ6Var6

AJAYI PAUL ADEYINKA: Fuel subsidy in Nigeria leads to 5days protest amidst Nigerians http://t.co/zOZJySlb

Enyin_Naya: Ikoyi protesters on the move down bourdillon road #occupyNigeria #Ikoyi http://t.co/moOCLeGu

muhammad shittu: A group of young Nigerians praying for Nigeria in #OccupyNigeria #kano protest #WHYS http://t.co/qLAAeL4q

muhammad shittu: A Nigerian soldier waving in solidarity wit †ђξ protesters in †ђξ #OccupyNigeria #kano protest #WHYS http://t.co/WyNCygJI

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria d chief missioner in special jumat service @ the Ojota protest earlier today http://t.co/MkLPWlPv

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria our muslim brothers and sisters observing jumat service @ the protest in Ojota http://t.co/hQbSVdGb

Echomo akwara: Pat Utomi now at Falomo Roundabout, Ikoyi Lagos, addressing the #occupynigeria protest. http://t.co/LJr9JVXe

Nonnyboy: @rosanwo #OCCUPYNIGERIA occupying police Hq in carnival like manner in Makurdi http://t.co/yhX0m8o4

reclaimnaija: #OccupyNigeria protesters in Mushin united against corruption and bad governance! D death knell of corruption sounds http://t.co/FnJabaPQ

Bennet: @afunzogarantor live at #OccupyNigeria protest ground Ojota #SaveNigeria #FuelSubsidy #CNN #BBCNews http://t.co/VD7Bxs8w

seyitaylor: Ademola Aderinde was killed during the protests. Memorial to him. #occupynigeria #ojota http://t.co/0v7RWMck

Beauty By Nature: #OccupyNigeria Deputy Gov. of Lagos residence addressing the protesters http://t.co/iKoR5krr

PilotAfrica: Spotted at the #OccupyNigeria rally protest at Gani Park, Femi Kuti wearing a kill corruption not Nigerians tee. http://t.co/4cvXvtSI

Taiwo Agboola: Lagos deputy governor addressing protesters http://t.co/gk2RMcVe

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria more pics:an aerial view of protesters carrying #GEJ coffin…and so it shall be http://t.co/OEPD4WwR

phillip okrosi: This is a protest against d removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria http://t.co/tyINnQUB

michael balogun: #occupyNigeria protesters at Falomo. http://t.co/qVad1leK

Harkheindzel: RT @ogundamisi Photo: Treating a protester injured by Nigerian Police bullet #occupynigeria http://t.co/3z5XmJnv

yaks: The crowd in Kano protest is overwhelming http://t.co/7SehAhMV

Jeremiah Angai: Day 4 protests, Area 1 roundabout, Abuja #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/8SJeTy0o

Egghead Odewale: UPDATE: Tweetp, @ekute_ile leads the #OccupyNigeria protest at the Embassy of Nigeria in Brussels, Belgium http://t.co/8vR2pPRK

zaksash: Police praying in congregation with #occupynigeria protesters http://t.co/IVqHjEdL

TJ O’Karo: Aerial view of #occupynigeria protesters going towards NTA this morning http://t.co/3jzZWjO6

Mary Oyefuga: If Reno should catch them! **shaking** RT @proshare Foreigners join protest in Nigeria http://t.co/5wbHNIky

Premium Times: In Kano, there is a massive turnout of women for the #OccupyNigeria protest today. Via @dawisu http://t.co/SZadXSOQ

@gentle: 4days protest continues in Gombe #occupynigeria http://t.co/BztmzJAs

TJ O’Karo: #occupynigeria protesters at NTA VI http://t.co/uk9tv2GB

Emma Okey Okoro: Muslims & Christians praying together at #OccupyNigeria protest rally. Unifying! http://t.co/6byM875m

Femke van Zeijl: RT @tysalihu RT @Lady_Deelicious Women protesting against fuel subsidy removal in kano…now #occupynigeria http://t.co/5xZMIjCu

daniel oludipe: Ijebu-Ode,SW Nigeria,protest against removal of fuel subsidy today,12/01/12. http://t.co/ikZl2Feo

desire oby: NLC protest in Nigeria, protesters marching to state government house Awka http://t.co/GjwwLaDK

UMEANO ULOMA: Priest in #occupyowerri blessing the protesters and praying for peace and success! @gbengasesan http://t.co/fPM2tyYK

UMEANO ULOMA: #occupyowerri. Wethral Road has now been blocked off by the protesters #occupynigeria @gbengasesan http://t.co/FyLcGyMN

Dipo Oginni: The power house of the Ojota protests. #occupyNIGERIA http://t.co/pQ4Fr7Og

Liza Sabater: Tino Bendel breaking down how corrupt economics + 40% under 40 make Nigeria primed for revolution #OWS #OccupyNige http://t.co/XjN9Wb27

MassyPower: Nigeria consumed by fuel-price protests http://t.co/khFATQbB http://t.co/2DpVq8Ek

Akeme Tersoo: Protesters set PDP office ablaze in Minna http://t.co/19dzYOyp

Dapo Okubanjo: Day 3 of #occupynigeria protest march in Abuja-100,000plus crowd http://t.co/5bZpFyJM

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria aerial view of protesters 2day @ Ojota…Aluta continua,Victoria ascerta http://t.co/j2Z50ZGM

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria long shot of peaceful protesters @ Ojota.Pple lets do it again 2morrow.#GEJ #occupy http://t.co/YqVDARbH

The babenapper: Warri protests #occupynigeria rt http://t.co/VSzSR4dC

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria aerial scene of protesters today @ ojota.Lets start the process of #GEJ impeachment http://t.co/Bf01NHsW

Olusesan Ogungbesan: Asaba protest, earlier today! #occupyNigeria http://t.co/d6KHYLMp

Abdulmajeed Salami: Debris poured into the road as a road block this morning during the anti #fuelsubsidy removal protest in #ilorin o http://t.co/wlBg9kkM

kehinde adewusi: Muslims in Lagos join protests in Lagos as Nigeria unify against fuel subsidy removal #occupynigeria http://t.co/dfTdhLMM

Chika Moses: Jonaharam this motor needs fuel #OccupyNigeria protest in Ojota http://t.co/NAUQuEsd

Toyibbah Omotola: RT @boycottPDP Breaking News : Minna is on fire http://t.co/ouNHMptH #occupynigeria

peaceprotests: #occupynigeria #abuja police that came to intimidate us. http://t.co/uboe3m1X

Onigbinde Seye Tosin: INEC office in Minna burnt by hoodlums… @YNaija @elrufai @occupynigeria http://t.co/YxcRHcYT

Umar Farouq: Comm of Police addressing the crowd #OCCUPYNIGERIA http://t.co/pHrcwy34

iamlosa: Angry protesters lynched a robber at #occupyNigeria #Lagos #Ojota earlier today http://t.co/nwPYFIdS

Chika Moses: #OccupyNigeria protesters using animals to get the message across. This ram has a message for GEJ http://t.co/kBaGDoBv

James Douglas: Mass turnout at #occupynigeria protest in #abuja at popular area 1 junction, more than 3 thousand people present. http://t.co/TMeGFrvx

savenigeria: Femi Kuti leading other protesters to #OccupyNigeria rally at Ojota http://t.co/Dw5uZv7W

dada tolutope : He was killed by GEJ police in Benin http://t.co/jAr1KbfJ

Premium Times: Abuja crowd takes a five minutes break for prayers. an Iman and Pastor to lead. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/lBzC1CRP

Adewusi Adeyinka…: Inec office in minna niger state is on fire http://t.co/YU7H5Cdo

Premium Times: Abuja protesters arrive Area 1 round-about, possible termination point of Day 3 march. http://t.co/FtVpUmRW

ola laaro: @seunokin A pic of Ilorin protesters http://t.co/gLHgnvFG

Anthony Idiaghe: Minna INEC office on fire. At least 10 Vehicle burnt so far @sunrisedailynow http://t.co/2oNxhbWc #occupyNigeria

Seun Tubi: Crowd spillover from GaniPark to Ojota dual lane in #OccupyNigeria Day 3 protest for good governance http://t.co/Vdj2yrTM

deejaynamo: NLC TUC #occupynigeria protests at LASU along Badagry express way http://t.co/QUMBCtFP

deejaynamo: NLC TUC #occupynigeria protests at LASU along Badagry express way http://t.co/3uyyzQD8

Afolabi Adigun: Police ensuring peaceful protests in Abuja heading to Area1 under bridge #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/t97A76pi

Premium Times: Abuja protesters nearing Area 1 Round-About. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/Y3X0unEW

Inih Essien: Another protester just gunned down by police in Obalende, Lagos! #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/fy96xWdQ

Premium Times: Abuja protest march progresses to Area 1. Some protesters join with their cars. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/B2NsBAdG

Buchi Davinci: The protest is on. Under Falomo bridges provides both shade and bridge to #OccupyNigeria protesters http://t.co/YwG3zZFF

Gbenga Adeyi: @govsia addressing protesters in Abeokuta, Ogun, showing solidarity with #occupynigeria http://t.co/ULPlfioD

Eno Ogbevire: #Warri #Nigeria,more #occupynigeria protests pictures http://t.co/EEq6MVym

Eno Ogbevire: Airport Junction in #Warri occupied,police took to their heels,army now on ground.#occupynigeria http://t.co/nyJWSKOB

Nnamdi Ezeh : Minna is boiling. Protesters have set an office building on fire. http://t.co/cY9yOg3v

Bashir Ishaq Bashir: A police Helicopter circling protesters in Kano, and people below Shouting at them! http://t.co/7QsjrKA9

ebro abdullah : Police men taking over the governors street peter sarki rd Minna. Over voilence protest #OccupyMinna http://t.co/1bZLFeb7

Segun Omojola: #OccupyNigeria #AJstreams Danny young entertaining protesters live in Akure. http://t.co/9nl20Jxo

Eno Ogbevire: #Warri protesters now at Hausa Quarters #occupynigeria http://t.co/m1mf3Wpe

ola: Army and police presence at NNPC Kingsway road #occupyNigeria http://t.co/dswYQ5Rr

Premium Times: Abuja protest march begins. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/B4unla5F

Premium Times: Crowd at Abuja protest kick-off point swelling, march about to begin. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/9JlsQIDD

Premium Times: Truck load of AK47 bearing police officers arrive Berger Junction kick-off venue of Abuja protest. http://t.co/LjFo0PhI

Premium Times: As Labour begins day 3 of protests, Abuja unionists force buses to evict passengers #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/nG94dlVX

nugesilla: #occupynigeria protester killed in Ibafo ogun state. His remains http://t.co/HYwWxjL2

olupona Elijah: #occupynigeria scenes from yesterday protest.Lets take our country back,come out en masse Nigerians http://t.co/X8np5OpU

ejiro utoro: Nigerian police torturing this protester before he was shot dead in Lagos. Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ pic http://t.co/DzzCzyTL

Khalid Khan: Muslims pray while Christians form a protective human chain around them during protest in Nigerias captial Abuja http://t.co/E33oEJtt

Vincent Onyekwelu: @OccupyNigeria Kate henshaw Joins protests in Lagos… http://t.co/luXz7dYu

Press TV Mobile: [VIDEO] Deadly protests against fuel subside removal continue in Nigeria http://t.co/6NBj4Xg7 #PressTV http://t.co/5AoW5oRD

Emeruwa: Muslims praying while Xtians were protecting them during the NLC rally in Abuja today http://t.co/AIkjdzSA

Hamza Grema: #occupynigeria solidarity protest from Wall street NY http://t.co/suxvcPXu

Isma’il Sulaiman: Victims of monday clashes btw police and protesters in kano nigeria http://t.co/KEe23Ij1

Press TV Mobile: Six killed in northern Nigeria attack http://t.co/lZB6Avf7 #PressTV http://t.co/eOQUgk3t

Africa.com: Protests underway in #nyc. About 70 people currently, more to come? #occupynigeria #fuelsubsidy #nigeria http://t.co/Hw1617vq

bamigbe oluwatayo: Check this photo of Tiwa savage @tiwaSavage at the #fuelSubsidy protest in Marina.. #occupyNigeria. http://t.co/69f8omuX

Egghead Odewale: FLASH: It was a massive turn out today at #OccupyNigeria protest in Kaduna http://t.co/XhxwM2B8 #FuelSubsidy

Nedu: If you didnt come to Ojota today, heres a cross-section of #OccupyNigeria protesters. http://t.co/xmjWT5I4

Lahtayor: Kwara state gov speakin wit protesters in Ilorin cc @seunokin @eQube3 @omojuwa @akintoyebolaji http://t.co/xuOA0Oq0

Ladi Bankole: Nigeria braces for 2nd day of nationwide protests http://t.co/4tJgVyiK #cnn #occupynigeria http://t.co/xDGgmYYj

Egghead Odewale: PHOTO FLASH: Ile-Ife was totally occupied on Day 9 of #OccupyNigeria protests http://t.co/aQlEjiFs /via @psyno #FuelSubsidy

Samuel Ibeh: Protest everywhere at the occupy Nigeria rally http://t.co/psglb5xg

Jon Gambrell: At Apapa Port. Note phalanx of police at gate. Port is closed. #occupynigeria #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/XzFq5yCN

Samuel Ibeh: The great crowd in occupy Nigeria protest http://t.co/ic22m0Q2

Frederick Adetiba: Mallam @elrufai addressing Abuja protesters #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/Lp4ufljr

SOKI: PHOTO SPEAK : cc @AlettevB RT @NaijaCyberHack RT @hilalbello Kano protest @occupynigeria. #occupynigeria http://t.co/iRhLhc75

yahayasambo: @NaijaCyberHack @NigeriaNewsdesk Kano streets r empty 2day. businesses r shut down. sit-home protest as directed by NLC http://t.co/TTTcdmzC

ola2njee: #occupynigeria #kaduna Preaches unity & peace amid protests @rosanwo @Nastiq @tysalihu @Yadomah @towsyn @ged http://t.co/LBGCtn5m

Segun A.Tokibo: Police trying to calm protesters to alow vehicles. with smiles. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/AUL5gmKn

jenegela: Abuja protests: muslims praying and christians shielding them http://t.co/Ct90QW7s

jamila ali paki: Abuja protest…Christians protecting Muslims whl praying!! http://t.co/fzNEStAF

hussaini balarabe: Disable people from Dukku Gombe state,protesting again fuel subsidy removal #occupy Nigeria http://t.co/QKmzKxEP

Neutral Observer: #occupylagos #OccupyNigeria Fredrick Fasheun after He addresses protesters in Lagos http://t.co/TDe4BXks

Press TV: Police armored tank patrol the road to monitor workers protesting on January 9, 2012 in #Lagos during a demonstrat http://t.co/qbF9onU6

babatunde rosanwo: RT @charlesboyo Governor Babatunde Fashola, responding to the #occupyNigeria protesters http://t.co/0jPRyCFx

Niyi Ojuolape: Abuja people are exercising their rights. Huge crowd of Protesters ! Soli Soli Soliiiii !!! http://t.co/gZQygVk6

Olatunde Tokun: Gov Fashola addressing protesters in front of the govt house in Marina. via @felamojo #occupyNigeria http://t.co/BYqGeTUA

sulaymandauda: Occupy Nigeria! Protesters portraying elements of extreme puberty instill by the Jonathan & Sambo lead govt. pls.occupy http://t.co/agySgniv

sahmmie: Sahmmie reporting from ogba..police jez sitting n watching us.#occupy #nigeria http://t.co/az0Up8Nk

KayodeAkintemi: #FemiOtedolas mansion in Ikoyi with #OccupyNigeria protesters expressing their thoughts. The were moved on by Police. http://t.co/VBPK5gtP

Kayode Yussuf: Biodun Alabi of NPF addressing #occupylagosisland protesters. Police came witout arms #occupynigeria http://t.co/BttcvSCB

Adedamola Layade: #fuelsubsidy #occupynigeria #ibadan bodija ojurin thick smoke all over d street http://t.co/5hK9wNVc

Kayode Yussuf: #occupylagosisland protesters proceeding to falomo enroute obalende. Police looks on. #occupynigeria http://t.co/kZMpWdAH

Baba Aye: vehicular movt in some parts of Abuja promptly & decisively halted by protesters! #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/xY8LCr4f

abdulazeez abubakar: RT @MuhdLawal Solidarity with the people of Nigeria » Protesters in Washington DC. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/ZLCq2oKH

olupona Elijah: #occupyNigeria massive turn out of protesters to save our dear country.Come,lets save Nigeria http://t.co/9zn9Xtns

olupona Elijah: #occupyNigeria scenes of protesters observing prayer sessions from yesterdays protest.#GEJ http://t.co/YBb1MHnC

Bamgbopa Babatunde: Femi Falana addresing protesters @ the occupynigeria rally @ Ojota http://t.co/JfDCObdq

Press TV Mobile: Six killed in Nigeria fuel protests http://t.co/V5aTUMvo #PressTV http://t.co/PEByGsQS

Tejiri Obazenu: Erihe street hausa quarters $ bureau de change in Benin burnt down today. http://t.co/EAQ9Jg42

Saharareporters: Protester holding the bullet that killed one of the Kano protester http://t.co/TTkxwP1b

Daphne Wysham: #OccupyNigeria solidarity protesters brave snow, cold outside World Bank http://t.co/OuDiywDw

Tessa Doghor: @Feladurotoye @steveharris and many protesters on Lagos protest #occupynigeria http://t.co/s4qeupOx

Revenue Watch: #Nigeria #fuelsubsidy debate reaches DC as protestors invade World Bank hq in Washington http://t.co/542g9IV4 via @SaharaReporters

Simeon O. Abolarinwa: PIC: Afterall, d police guys too dey listen. Honestly theyve been cooperative in #Osogbo #OccupyNigeria protests http://t.co/I3oTfscQ

Khalid Khan: People protest against rise in petrol prices in Lagos, Nigeria http://t.co/hw5AHMJQ

Abubakar Garba Gada: Pls NPF shld learn hw manage protesters!!!@SaharaReporters: Occupy Nigeria DC March In Progress http://t.co/CZA28l3P

Onyinye Muomah: Nneka and fans at Ojota protests. #occupynigeria http://t.co/P70xU397

Usman M. Mustapha: @SaharaReporters .. One of the protester who shot by the police in Kano on the Hospital Bed http://t.co/fAtevFfU

Baffa Saleh : @AJEnglish @CNN @omojuwa @ogundamisi pictures of protesters showing religious tolerance in Kaduna http://t.co/g1ysutSl

a’rrazzaq Fulani: #occupy Nigeria protesters @gani fawehinmi park in ojota Lagos… Struggle continue!!! http://t.co/swfKTfES

Yusifsuleiman: protests in Kano over fuel subsidy removal! http://t.co/TCDtmc3y

Tunde Kara: #OccupyNigeria #abuja. Peaceful protesters demanding their rights http://t.co/M8fSSZEl

Egghead Odewale: UPDATE: Unrelenting protesters in Kaduna http://t.co/rSqGTOg7 /via @abdul_bello2k2

M J Abubakar: Protesters in Kaduna showing their Anger today http://t.co/Qn3KVpy1

Y S Y: Kano state Government house damaged by protesters… Y na? http://t.co/dcDAqpdp

kareem jubril: Oshogbo empty streets after todays protest @NaijaCyberHack @Gidi_Traffic #occupyNigeria http://t.co/uzzqp24A

AlooFar: Police helicopter hovering above protesters in Ojota. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/5w6c2e0v

NaijaPowerBase: Benin protesters doing it smoothly. But several Hausas av been killd though http://t.co/kpgbDHoQ

Abbah Abiso: Some of the placards carried by protesters in Abuja today. http://t.co/rMCiPm7P

Dayyab Ibraheem: Victim of Police Barbarism #occupynigeria. Kano protest http://t.co/zN5YSRiT

9jaheadlines: #OccupyBAUCHI is now battle of d Survival btw Police n Protesters #occupyNigeria http://t.co/Yi1g6Uv4

‘Rogue’ : Cops and Robbers. Protesters are being hunted down by soldiers #OCCUPYNIGERIA http://t.co/OwSURRjc

Osakue Jennifer: A house in Benin(Erie) burnt during protest! http://t.co/o2etwwTJ

Press TV Mobile: Protester shot dead in Nigeria protest http://t.co/2dAkX0tq #PressTV http://t.co/bX9hN6Qw

AbbahAbiso: one of the protesters faint at ojata,during the protest against subsidy by FG #occupyNigeria http://t.co/neJUgGjY

Nono_id: Thank God the police was on ground to stop this mosque from been burnt #occupynigeria #benin http://t.co/x0r90uJH

Prince Y khaleel: Emir of suleja was trapped 2!Road blocked in izom and lambata!! In Niger state http://t.co/GZHJNYue

Khalid Khan: Protesters lie on Ikorodu Road during a demonstration against soaring petrol prices, Lagos #Nigeria http://t.co/Ga42fERW

Austin: KWAM1 entertaining protesters at Ojota http://t.co/Aht6587x

Khalid Khan: People hold placards as they march on Ikorodu Road Lagos during a protest against soaring petrol prices #Nigeria http://t.co/pU4ZtOtS

Khalid Khan: People hold placards on January 9, 2012 as they march on Ikorodu Road in Lagos #Nigeria, during protest against ri http://t.co/lcrlLMj3

Khalid Khan: Protesters gather at Gani Fawehinmi Park in Lagos during a demonstration against soaring petrol prices #Nigeria http://t.co/M9Tta7ZJ

Gabriel MayowaKolade: A placard reads remove corruption nt subsidy @ #occupynigeria #akure protest http://t.co/DBCL86kl

Engr. sani adamu : Kano protesters, occupy Nigeria http://t.co/cg2r6EiT

yahaya abubakar: Kano protesters chanting dog is better than GEJ http://t.co/vdnqXbIG

segun Alli: #occupynigeria protester @ogba,remains killed by police being removed by Nigerians http://t.co/bGlvWanv

Abisoye Fagade: #Protesters coming from #Agege to join force with pple in #ojota. #Nigeriansmeanbiz #occupyNigeria http://t.co/sYDFxjJU

Sanusi Fungo: #Occupy Nigeria# Fuel Subsidy protesters at Marina Lagos State in front of Fashola resident. http://t.co/QoojYKno

tunji adewunmi: Peaceful protest in Lagos against fuel subsidy removal.Walk the walk patriots http://t.co/UnJaRUmR

Moses: @elrufai @omojuwa Lagos is agog.. Peaceful protest @ Ojota with music from Ras-Kimono. http://t.co/Us2GZyGW

Press TV Mobile: Protester shot dead in Nigeria protest http://t.co/2Xt2lX1a #PressTV http://t.co/adNSkP7u

abdulmumin yusuf: We just witnessed a stage managed pro subsidy rally by some women & ranking police officer in Abuja stadium http://t.co/UCQTJhkV

Csr Nigeria Award 2: Rotimi Akeredolu SAN and wife leads #OccupyNigeria protesters in Ibadan towards Mokola http://t.co/FVcz3nHq

Egghead Odewale: FLASH: It is a peaceful protest in Birnin Kebbi capital of Kebbi State #occupynigeria http://t.co/ZrklMhQU #FuelSubsidy /via @safdchick

Sanusi Fungo: # occupy Nigeria# protesters at Marina in front of Fssholas resident. http://t.co/eSnvb8rc

Imoh Umoren: The Revolution in Nigeria cc:@ashong http://t.co/N8KgqovV

Pete: Policeman smiling at protesters in Calabar. #occupynigeria http://t.co/w0PLaHe0

Haruna kolo: @Channels_TV live pix from live protest in niger state http://t.co/YClQMZvi

Haruna kolo: @NigeriaNewsdesk police harrasing protesters in niger state http://t.co/HqHTizCQ

segun Alli: #occupynigeria protests in Badagry also http://t.co/agn7guiS

Ikechukwu: Police on both sides of the road, escorting the protesters. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/uIgFbtH0

Gidi Talks Mag™©: #KillAllPoliceMen #OccupyNigeria #Protest now close to the police zone :) http://t.co/5qwqujzu

sulaymandauda: Kaduna protest is going peaceful http://t.co/iJ21ZFgw

Ummhamdani: Yes #occupy Nigeria #zaria.though the police r chasing the protesters here @kofan doka http://t.co/HsWtHQ29

Tomiwa The Quirky: Police truck following protest. No interference so far #lagosisland #fuelsubsidy #occupynigeria http://t.co/dRKbn8TZ

Martins Ogbonnaya: Hey ppl check some images from Ojodu protest! http://t.co/1EnpfWDA

Ezra Bala-Gbogbo: Occupy Abuja ! The protest is gaining momentum. Nigerians are fighting corruption,govt inefficiency http://t.co/xjpfNYE4

Premium Times: Abuja protesters stop over at a popular junction for second round of speeches. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/vcHQRmMk

Anas Al-Adly: RT @taofikabdul Soldiers in #Ilorin #occupyNigeria http://t.co/5hRAXA0l

busayo olanny: Medical personnels on ground at #occupynigeria protest, ado ekiti. @lindaikeji @MobilePunch http://t.co/y5ZgURGd

Yakubu Adamu: Police Blockade on protest route on Ahmadu Bello Way by Benue Plaza.#OccupyNigeria #Abuja http://t.co/D99O9xoG

Lanre T. Abdulkareem: Anti-subsidy removal protests in #Ilorin #occupyNigeria http://t.co/2VunhiMo

khalil halilu: Police throwing tear gas at d crowd. Ppl pushing bck thou #occupynigeria #kano @elrufai @omojuwa @NigeriaNewsdesk http://t.co/3AigpvfA

amogara: Surprisingly theres an impressive turn out of protesters in Minna, Niger State. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/X2Ye3d22

Yakubu Adamu: Police trying to stop protest on Ahmadu Bello way, turning the protest route#OccupyNigeria #Abuja http://t.co/eoL9dtcZ

fakoya tolulope: #occupynigeria peaceful rally before police came in yaba http://t.co/M200n8Ov

Zakari : #OccupyNigeria protesters in front of Bauchi govt House. http://t.co/BD0WB7vW

ALFRED SAMUEL ONIMPA: #fuelSubsidy Friendly fire in UNIBEN main gate! http://t.co/vgzCZPWK

afeisede: … Lagos/Ibadan Expressway has been blocked by protesters burnfire @ Mowe. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/JyWIYwdE

Otonye Iganibo Uncle: #OccupyNigeria. Sam Dede joins protesters in #PortHarcourt http://t.co/IcvmC1Wj

OMIATA BELOVED: So far so good in Ibadan police is our ftiend in this protest http://t.co/bQsvSZQm

Oludare Okusanya: LIVE FEEDS: protesters occupying popular ring road IBadan SW Nig #OccupyNigeria #Ibadan @seunfakze http://t.co/i0YzZRmG

iamlosa: #occupyNigeria protest march from Yaba approaching ojota http://t.co/irWUukmE

Olasupo Olanrewaju : With @ahforbaje at the protest #occupynigeria as mobile police reinforcement arrive http://t.co/7NpabwT7

Muhammad Audi: At emirs place keffi let protest occupy nigeria nasarawa state http://t.co/2jO6o07b

Nsikan: Heavy presence of Police n other security operatives at #OCCUPYNIGERIA #Calabar #Zoogarden http://t.co/l69xye30

Tanko Abdulmumin: Protesters in front of the Niger state house of assembly #OCCUPYNIGERIA #minna @Yadomah @omojuwa http://t.co/B8eZ7y1L

Ormar dam: #occupynigeria protesters blocking the Benin-Lagos expressway around Ugbowo area. http://t.co/WFrtPChy

Nelson Isibor |TSO|: Some protesters in Benin attempted to burn this mosque @ Ring Road. #benin #occupynigeria http://t.co/qJJpXDgp

Lawal Adekunle: Just arrived at LASU to join the protest. Can see fumes from burning tires #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/KDpTUOxE

John-Atafa: Currently with protesters #OccupyNigeria in Nassarwa @rosanwo @ogundamisi @Yadomah @elrufai http://t.co/XjxEGGfb

Nono_id: #benin police brougth dogs benin boyz bring lion #occupynigeria http://t.co/etjUvqhW fb# http://t.co/R9Wa8tIJ

Olasupo Olanrewaju : With @ahforbaje at #occupynigeria protests in #ibadan #boluwaji http://t.co/TJxyoO8e

valentina: Cut WASTE NOW!!!!!!!! Ikoyi protesters on d march. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/UKd1edsL

Pilot Africa: Mass of #OccupyNigeria protesters down Ikorodu. They even sing about police corruption. @ogundamisi http://t.co/dZO7xMy8

Premium Times: Labour leaders address protesters at Wuse Market Abuja, calling for peaceful protest. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/RrywAhzm

Adedamola Layade: #fuelsubsidy #OccupyNigeria police watching #Ibadan http://t.co/earUEZi1

Dan Ikpoyi NN24.tv: #OccupyNigeria protesters approaching Maryland @akinduro @Foskolo @BimbolaAwoyele @Austin_Stin http://t.co/IvDk8qOg

Pilot Africa: Some protesters taunt police watching over the protest. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/oug7pPls

Pilot Africa: Photos of labour protests down Ikorodu, calling on Police officers to join in. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/lCbyEND8

Bamigbola Semiu: Police following protesters #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/wu1PD3vu

Pilot Africa: Procession marching down Ikorodu road, chanting Police ole #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/zQOwIqAn

Sola Oyekanmi: @Channels_TV #Lagos. Protesters in front Omole estate phase 1 gate. http://t.co/opO5xCGK

Premium Times: Abuja protesters stop over at Wuse Market for dance and few speeches. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/ZLE1B2Vi

Musa Balarabe Musa: Evidence of tear gas @ NLC secretariat in Kano. http://t.co/6zN14PUs

paul ajayi: The gathering is getting bigger now as people are coming from all over Lagos State to Ojota! Its on! http://t.co/ViUS473X

segun Alli: #occupynigeria. Benin-Ore road occupied by protesters, Nigeria paralysed http://t.co/TpRjysfZ

abdul: Police on ground at abuleegba venue of #OccupyNigeria @ogundamisi http://t.co/GWP4etLq

Wale Reze: Bonfires everywhere, Police patrol left after educating crowd against riots/ looting #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/Y6eG80Av

Olumide Babajide: So far the Police seem peaceful, I am tempted to say they are in support of a protest #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/gP82hdYA

abdallahelshamy: Protesters break third line of police #OccupyNigeria #abuja #fuelSubsidyProtest http://t.co/uc9FYkUC

Sadiq Nagoma: Protest rally in Kano http://t.co/XLeI4ynd

Mister Mobility: Protesters at #Ojodu now marching round singing Jonathan ole, meaning Jonathan thief. #occupynigeria http://t.co/J54iI1mW

Ezugo Anakwenze: #OccupyNigeria police escorts…leading d protest! They r even taking pics of us @fatimajohnson http://t.co/kSruog64

abdallahelshamy: Second line. Police broken, Protesters advancing towards Wuse market #OccupyNigeria #abuja #fuelSubsidyProtest http://t.co/P9bBqEpO

S S Abubakar: @vanguardngrnews State road Kano, empty, police all over refusing passage! Saeed A Saeed from kano http://t.co/HLHiKQNa

Oluchi Ogwuegbu: Lagos protesters walking to Gani park #occupynigeria #Lagos http://t.co/XF0nqjAC

Bamigbola Semiu: Protesters sitting on d floor at dopemu round-about in front of SS nd FCMb #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/tyQLQr05

Premium Times: Labour Leaders in Abuja lock arms as protest march progress. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/UsHQKUId

Premium Times: Abuja protesters charge through first police cordon. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/sVT07Nt2

IdOntGetiT: Protest is ongoing @ Abuja but d police is blocking d procession. Helicopters are also allover http://t.co/loCsfqOs

Premium Times: First police cordon at Zone 5 junction Abuja attempting to block protesters charging forward. http://t.co/b79tZCeM

Victor Lawal: Benin City erupts in mass protests #occupyNigeria http://t.co/l4vnrKJZ

Ruqayyah Teejay: #occupynigeria in Lafia the soldiers hav calmed down protest still on. @occupynigeria,@ogundamisi http://t.co/RdaUje7w

Premium Times: Labour Unions protest in Abuja. #OccupyNigeria protesters moving towards a police barricade 50m away http://t.co/sdelDuOA

Kb: The #Police mingling with protesters in #Osogbo http://t.co/HJ5dZNIu

Kb: #Osun labor leader addressing protesters in #Osogbo . #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/ufp1bGF2

kareem jubril: OSUN state commissioner of police blocked by protesters #occupyNigeria @NaijaCyberHack @Gidi_Traffic http://t.co/q9utMCZP

Samuel Joseph: Nt even fire can stop this protesters. A guy does it infront od burning tyres @fadeyi #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/tPMaU3Em

iamlosa: These policemen in armored carrier wave hands in #occupyNigeria protest http://t.co/IZqLdn2b

Yunus Ahmed Jnr: NLC Protest!People are ready2 #OccupyNigeria,Abuja! Join the protest in your Cities, towns&Villages http://t.co/y1GlDVxL

Henry Onosiemu: Ojodu police boss, Fasisun Ibrahim addressing protesters at Ojodu #occupynigeria http://t.co/PIoEsxmb

segun Alli: #occupynig. Scene from Ojota @ the protest at Gani fawehinmi park. #fuel subsidy http://t.co/29t9wuzX

F.O: #occupynigeria protest @ Falomo. Police pledging protection. Speaking with Pat Utomi http://t.co/uLuF3mgl

Kb: The #Police keeping a safe distance from protesters in #Osogbo #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/znxV2rtV

Samuel Joseph: Tyres now being burnt on Yaba Link Bridge by some area boys. #OccupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/JCBxEao6

Esther Eshiet: Nigerian Police and Civil Defence squad here to protect protesters! #OccupyNigeria #CalabarProtest http://t.co/WyxXCnxk

Mobo: #occupyNigeria protest in Gani park Ojota am there live. http://t.co/gwkepHhb

iamlosa: #occupyNigeria protest from Yaba just left Ojuelegba to join Ikorodu road http://t.co/ub97Xv6k

ogundamisi: Flash! #OCCUPYNIGERIA Ibadan-Nigeria Protesters set up bonfire to prevent police from firing live rounds http://t.co/xcYPiYpX

Wuba19: #OccupyNigeria protesters in front of UI ibadan http://t.co/CXhWZJDq

odofin sinclair: Lagosians say no to fuel hike in Nigeria,streets have been abandoned in protest to the Federal Govt. http://t.co/fsSX4UMw

Harun Kamol Ademola: This is Agbowo in Ibadan Oyo state, people are just about coming out here for peaceful protest, http://t.co/6ycQEgUA

iamlosa: And the #occupyNigeria protest hit the road from Labour house at Yaba http://t.co/Evm53rVl

ogundamisi: Photo Abuja- #occupynigeria Govt police accompanied by presidential guards attack protesters overnight @OccupyLondon http://t.co/nyoDWcSF

ogundamisi: PHOTO! Activists at #OccupyAbuja teargassed! Tear gas canister overnight attack in Abuja lives now under direct threat http://t.co/B87OKZnc

Wendy Wagner: Bad shit going down in #occupynigeria—beatings (http://t.co/ZZSh4GKA), tear gas, expected use of live ammunition. M/T @Nnedi

Occupying Nigeria: More pic of the innocent protesters injured by the police #Abuja @AJStream @SaharaReporters http://t.co/KmQb59Pg

Azeenarh Mohammed: Injured people at eagle square in abuja. Police just attacked #occupynigeria http://t.co/2o1Vaak5

a IBRAHIM: #occupyNigeria ,Kaduna peaceful protest challenged by mobile police.Is this democracy? http://t.co/TM25n7g1

Chiroma usman: Nigerias Anna HazareMuhd I Ganu is embarking on total hunger strike in protest against fuel S R! http://t.co/rBF751ZW

TelfordCC: Nigeria Christians hit by fresh Islamist attacks; please pray for them http://t.co/q1PVdecz http://t.co/qchxk4V5

Eno Ogbevire: #occupynigeria protest continues,and is on right now in #Abuja at federal secretariat #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/8Iekhhj0

Asteris Masouras: Good #photography from #occupynigeria protests RT @blazeotokpa http://t.co/YWdF58ok http://t.co/Es3ipY0C http://t.co/muNoPlMQ

Asteris Masouras: Good #photography from #occupynigeria protests RT @blazeotokpa http://t.co/YWdF58ok http://t.co/Es3ipY0C http://t.co/muNoPlMQ

Asteris Masouras: Good #photography from #occupynigeria protests RT @blazeotokpa http://t.co/YWdF58ok http://t.co/Es3ipY0C http://t.co/muNoPlMQ

Abba Aliyu: #occupyNigeria protesters gathering momentum in Kaduna http://t.co/xChpb55y

shehuas: Peacefully protesters exchanging views at #OccupyNigeria @omojuwa @ogundamisi @eggheader @elrufai http://t.co/h3p0o0RD

Johnson Oludairo: @BENTV184 one of the protests organised in Lagos picture of a scene taken by honourablek http://t.co/xhQ0IKD2

Hodan Hussein: A demonstrator holds up a placard that reads Nigerians say NO to removal of subsidy #Occupy Nigeria http://t.co/XVl7ZSuu

Zainab Usman: @DeleMomodu joins protesters at #OccupyNigeriaLondon #occupyNigeria http://t.co/OX1xeCoI

khalil halilu: Police trying to send protesters away @omojuwa #occupynigeria http://t.co/3r2g5SOx

PAPA: RT @kshalilu Kano protest kicks off again #occcupyNigeria #OccupyKano @omojuwa @cnn @bbchausa http://t.co/OPz2TGPF

Frederick Adetiba: Abuja protesters knocking insensitive govt out #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/Jgrh25LF

Premium Times: Abuja #OccupyNigeria protesters decide to occupy overnight. A standby legal team in place. http://t.co/RILlqrWR

QUADRI: British Metropolitan police protecting Nigerians in london, who r protesting #fuelsubsidy in London http://t.co/pWAxbn1s

LOLA: Nigerian Police Learn form The London Met Police, on how to behave to Protesters #occupynigeria http://t.co/aNq9SL4K

Premium Times: While the Muslims pray, Christians sustain #OccupyNigeria protest in Abuja. http://t.co/pvl6JT3G

nkemifejika: Fuel subsidy protesters standing opposite Nigeria House, WC2. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/qOZwRmnR

El moses: #OccupyNigeria Student in London protest in Nigerian High Commission. http://t.co/TFq432nR

Dynamic Africa: Pictures from the Ldn protests. RT @meeseey #OccupyNigeria #London http://t.co/LtwMhXck

Umar: #OccupyNigeria #Abuja. Police masked ready for tear gas. 6/1/2012 3pm… http://t.co/AFTWS8sQ

DoubleEph: We are protesting across the road from Nigeria House. Met Police guarding the place #OccupyNigeria #London http://t.co/oxgbmB3T

Tope Olowu: Peaceful protest in London #occupynigeria #London @omojuwa @OludareOkusanya http://t.co/JFmKD9Ay

ogundamisi: London protest Live! Photo! #OCCUPYNIGERIA mother & child in solidarity with Nigerian people http://t.co/7QqfGy9T

ogundamisi: London protest Live! #OCCUPYNIGERIA photo! more arrive as Nigerians students protest in london http://t.co/7tqJ27ig

Gimba Kakanda: Me, leading Minnas warning protest today! #OccupyNigeria #Minna @MustaphaDabogi @elrufai @omojuwa http://t.co/25Tv2XgD

♣ Bamidele AJAYI: Protests Begin in #Akure, OndoState #OccupyNigeria Protesters are on OjaOba Akure http://t.co/KGapMyHv

Nigerian Youth Forum: #occupyNigeria #Abuja protest now heading to wise market to mobilize people http://t.co/qZyfFV3D

AB’S BRAT: Muslim protesters prayn at iwo road Ibadan http://t.co/tsfqEYIT

Yunus Ahmed Jnr: Traffic as police blocked all roads leading to EagleSquare,Abuja #OccupyNigeria #SubsidyRemoval http://t.co/j0Ia5Bgo

Kels: #occupynigeria protesters in front of Transcorp 12:15 http://t.co/2BJDHVpe

Abosede O Safety: Barricading the Nigeria Police from #Occupyosun protesters! #rightnowio_feed @omojuwa http://t.co/TJzJiGDn

abdallahelshamy: Numbers slowly increasing here at the #OccupyNigeria protests in #abuja http://t.co/wvtu8MPe

The Right Click: Heavy police turn out. Some protesters gathering near nicon hilton. #FuelSubsidy #occupynigeria http://t.co/LcY4rUaA

abdallahelshamy: Protesters and police officers negotiate to be allowed to pass #OccupyNigeria #abuja #EagleSquare http://t.co/JQoUQS3L

iphee Ojiaku: An unclear picture of protesters at the transcorp Hilton turn Abuja being questioned by the police http://t.co/7mE6VHE1

Lagos Traffic Info: VISUALS #Ado-Ekiti: 9:56AM VIA @eggheader Ado-Ekiti Protesters now at Fajuyi Roundabout #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/8O6doVBO

abdallahelshamy: police officers blocking the entrance to #eagle square, a military parade is taking place. #OccupyNigeria #abuja http://t.co/VQfHRieL

abdallahelshamy: Cars jammed looking for an exit after eagle square has been cordoned off by police #OccupyNigeria #abuja http://t.co/AhcoFsVB

iphee Ojiaku: Turning out to be a stop and search situation over here @ Abuja … And the police are everywhere http://t.co/EPCPjAtd

ibukun ADEBOLU: @usip in kano, Nigeria, Christians protect praying Muslims,united against government #occupynigeria http://t.co/eP441X6n

AyoKunle: How far Lagos,are we tired? Tuesday protest alone is not enough people! http://t.co/Xz6WIPMv

ogundamisi: PHOTO! Tunde Sobulo (Middle of Pic) is now Deputy Commissioner of Police in Lagos. #OCCUPYNIGERIA keep an eye on him! http://t.co/mEH6DP6h

AB Baffa: Univ. Academics in Kano defied Police threats & staged another protest against fuel price increase http://t.co/atp7R7k4

witsforumnaija: DPO Sango Police station addressing the crowd today. Her support is appreciated. #occupyNigeria #ibadan http://t.co/8paIbXW5

abdallahelshamy: #OccupyNigeria activists arranging for tomorrow protests #FuelsSubsidyRemoval http://t.co/CZTfahKl

peaceprotests: RT @Fantiss Theyre shooting tear gas @ us #fuelsubsidy protest @ Eagle square http://t.co/wgw48m8

Asala EwJesu: Oyo state Governor addressing protesters in Ibadan #ycount #occupynigeria http://t.co/Rywy8GCj

Asala EwJesu: Protesters in Ibadan hand warning letter to the Governor #ycount #occupynigeria http://t.co/kchTtgzU

Baba Umaru Masokano: @dawisu This is Kaduna protest today wht is d situation in Kano http://t.co/SsbUfQwc

The Activist: Angry protesters in Benin carrying a coffin 4 GEJ! #OCCUPYNIGERIA http://t.co/wfOSbdvL

abdallahelshamy: Another pic fom #OccupyNigeria activists spreading leaflets in Abuja http://t.co/Rp0K3cIM

torkwase kuraun: live from Katsina, protest have began. updates will be coming. i am mukhtar lawan#occupy nigeria# http://t.co/6mrfOjE8

Monisola Osibogun: Lawyers in Lagos have begun a protest against the fuel subsidy removal http://t.co/DSfRkcZ4

Yomi Iluromi: Heavy students protest around Mokola rd in Ibadan http://t.co/RAFaTLns

DrumMagazine: Follow #OccupyNigeria for an update on protests in Nigeria. http://t.co/Bkok0FW8

Trouble™Maker! : Dis morning d Police hav barricaded d rd 2 silver jubilee sq, d liberation sq of Kano protestrs yday http://t.co/8pCSydjr

ibenaija: RT @Idrees_SaMa one of the protesters with a placard … #OccupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/p8wpMiEt

Omotola Fawunmi: Kano protesters at 1.15am http://t.co/2aguVIOy

Starchild أسد الصحرا: Mustafa Muyideen Opobiyi, 23 yr-old #Nigerian martyr killed in Ilorin, Kwara State protest | http://t.co/BhGKmsnx

Taio : Christians watchn over Muslims prayn during protest in Kano state Nigeria. Shame on boko haram http://t.co/eyPK12kX

Leah McElrath: #OccupyNigeria : Special prayer in #Kano (al qunoot) at 1am - look how large the protest crowd is > http://t.co/76P0pC2f via @idiamingz

ogundamisi: Armed Nigerian police in midnight attack of #occupynigeria protesters in Kano MEDIA BLACKOUT IN NIGERIA @OccupyMN http://t.co/fJRagRm8

innahajiya: Kano earlier with Police being friendly http://t.co/Br5Gssg0

suttious: #ajstream #Kano #occcupyNigeria photo of the 1st all nyt protest against subsidy in Kano 9ja http://t.co/XNwccRQX

Musa Halilu: #occupyNigeria protesters in #kano http://t.co/J4Rs9Qla

Ibrahim: Xtian protesters guarding the muslims to say their prayers @ the #occupynigeria protest! http://t.co/rf6zsIIz

M. Sheriff: Peace protest going on in Kano #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidy http://t.co/uSaPsx0x

Oladapo Kolawole : RT @dawisu Protesters signing register @ Silver Jubilee round about, Kano state @omojuwa @elrufai @ogundamisi http://t.co/dj6axDhT

Oladapo Kolawole : RT @dawisu Kano protesters praying at silver jubilee round about! @elrufai @omojuwa @ogundamisi #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/xOQfJu57

Jibreal Lawal: Kano protesters with Mats…spendn d nyt @ silver jubilee. Wlh So proud of the protesters in Kano http://t.co/pOjd3DHb

Bello Bashir : Kano protesters to spend d nyt @ jubilee square http://t.co/0wnm3ERf

tahir buhari: Kano protesters hanging on @ silver jubilee #OccupyNigeria #fuelsubsidy @ekekeee @elrufai @omojuwa http://t.co/xTq8Q8WK

Mayokun Akpoterabor: The Nigerian spirit at #occupyNigeria #Kano where protesters pray and non-muslims protect! Salute! http://t.co/wJJWtNPr

Nazif Buhari: #OCCUPYNIGERIA free Arabian bread given to protesters in #kano http://t.co/sCU1FOmF (Photo @dawisu) @omojuwa @ogundamisi @elrufai

bukola: RT @rosanwo 7:30pm @ liberation sq in #kano state! #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/SQMjwPFP cc @obatula d protesters praying

abeeola: @Chrisihidero Images from the Kano protest rally, anyone? http://t.co/QkBvm3OR

ogundamisi: FLASH! #OCCUPYNIGERIA !PHOTO Protester, Muyideen Mustafa, killed in Ilorin yesterday being lowered into the grave today http://t.co/mngXVm9H

ogundamisi: Photo! Police & #occupynigeria protesters in Kano (Photo Daily Trust) DICTATORS CAN NEVER DEDEAT THE PEOPLE! http://t.co/RYVAS0W5

mustysarina: Protesters in Kano showing no sign of backing down! #occupyNigeria http://t.co/aCwLknI4

mustysarina: The Kano protesters signing the protest register at Liberation sq. Silver Jubilee. #occupyNigeria @rosanwo http://t.co/HPYBpF4W

mustysarina: People in Kano contributing money to quench the thirst of the protesters. @rosanwo @eggheader @omojuwa @ogundamisi http://t.co/6A51z6eN

Ogala: Kano, mother of all protests RT @dawisu Even our grandpa is prtesting with us in Kano state! #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/0IvZ98hI

ahmadibrahim442: The remains of the protester, Muyideen Mustafa, who was killed in Ilorin yesterday being lowered into the grave today. http://t.co/kQmRRs74

Hassan Maaruf Isah: Kano protestors ,people chanting we will sleep here till our demands are met@omojuwa @elrufai http://t.co/FH7mntnO

Press TV Mobile: [VIDEO] Fuel subsidy removal sparks protests in Nigeria http://t.co/1casbLlG #PressTV http://t.co/y8e8iSFV

Trouble™Maker! : Kano state protesters pausing to perform d 4pm prayers @omojuwa @ogundamisi @elrufai @NGNYouthForum http://t.co/oBNLMlXV

AKERELE AKINTUNDE H: #Reportin 4rm Ilorin,sight of police clearing burnt tyres by protester 4 road blocks@SaharaReporters http://t.co/D9M5REG4

oriolaakeem: RT @ogundamisi Photo of Ilorin #occupynigeria Muyideen Mustapha protester before he was killed by Nigerian Police http://t.co/N59Zi8od

Paul Adepoju: #OccupyNigeria protest in #Ibadan. Day 2 of protests against #FuelSubsidyRemoval. #EnoughIsEnough http://t.co/ylpGrZfF

Bubajnr: Kano protest happening now http://t.co/uYS0s5lk

Elhusseim Musa: SUG member addressing the press during the protest in kano @ d blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano http://t.co/IifmXy8x

Omoniyi: Niger Junction,Ilorin barricaded and taken over by protesters. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/BACHolZD

abdulmalik ismaila: Massive turn-out of protesters in Gusau, Zamfara State @ogundamisi @Lady_Deelicious #OCCUPYNIGERIA http://t.co/0xdoOBhJ

ogundamisi: Flash! #occupynigeria protest HIT ZAMFARA STATE Lawmakers receive protesters (Photo Abdulmalik Ismaila) http://t.co/YDHvhjZv

Oluwaseun Fakuade : One of Four major trucks following us to guard against our peaceful protest being hijacked #ibadan http://t.co/V5r2KC0Y

Elhusseim Musa: blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano praying Sallah along State road@omojuwa @elrufai @dawisu http://t.co/0EoUWHcq

Oluwaseun Fakuade : D̶̲̥̅̊ police have been a fantastic team behind us all through #occupynigeria #ibadan http://t.co/8OZqEj0z

Elhusseim Musa: blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano praying Sallah along State road@omojuwa @elrufai @dawisu http://t.co/jZ528QGO

Saint Kiddo: A large Turnout of people today in Kano State #OccupyNigeria @omojuwa @seunfakze @rosanwo @elrufai http://t.co/PCgn6HXM

Elhusseim Musa: Every blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano ryt now along State road@omojuwa @dawisu http://t.co/HNvOIKNp

Elhusseim Musa: Police blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano ryt now along State road@omojuwa @dawisu http://t.co/84HxMdH8

Elhusseim Musa: Police blocked protesters 2 govt hose Kano ryt now along State road@omojuwa @dawisu @MustaphaDabog http://t.co/iIxQImHW

olupona Elijah: Watch out 4 the grand protest in Lagos on Thursday.Saddle ur gear and lets hit the street big time http://t.co/rHu4CN5m

Elhusseim Musa: Peaceful protest going along state Road kano heading 2 Government House. #Kano #OccupyNigeri a #NYF http://t.co/d1GsuEr1

shehusugar: Kebbi state follow their sisters states in Nigeria to protest against removal of fuel subsidy http://t.co/3FbYt5xf

Shariff Ishaqq Abba: Banky w , seun Kuti, funmi iyanda, came out today to protest the removal of #fuelsubsidy . http://t.co/8UclXfnI

Idrees_SaMa: one of the protesters with a placard … #OccupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/p8wpMiEt

Amira Audu: Peacefull protesters in the ancient city of #Benin #Edo state #occupynigeria. #fuelsubsidyremoval http://t.co/LsnIamCX

Elaipu Peace Aboyi: Benue youths carrying out a protest March in Mkd 2day #OccupyNigeria# http://t.co/X09HK3kk

Tahirah Abdulazeez: Picture of the aftermath of the protest at post office Ilorin. http://t.co/qJvVkdAK

Chika Moses: Photos from the #OccupyNigeria protest. Met up with the protest at Ojota. Video to follow http://t.co/dp80O94I http://t.co/XBrRSUW5

samuelogundipe: @AJStream Always over zealous Nigeria police men. #FuelSubsidy. #AJStream http://t.co/l3amMPiL

samuelogundipe: @AJStream Some of the images from #FuelSubsidy protest today at Lagos. Were representing. #AJStream. #UseDanfo http://t.co/BDntfQDC

Press TV: Labour unions and civil rights activists march in #Lagos, #Nigeria, to #protest the removal of petroleum #subsidie http://t.co/rZU6DIge

echethealec: #AJStream #fuelsubsidy #occupynigeria THe police calmly giving support 2the protest, come 2tink of it,were 1 @AJStream http://t.co/kkfA2UTj

Almustapha: I hope it wasnt the protest though RT @SaharaReporters Wema Bank Hq on fire in Lagos http://t.co/vmkQgee5

Ollee11: Nigerias National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) affirms rights of Nigerians to protest - Ag. Ex. Sec http://t.co/ysiilQjN

✖ I AM BLACK: Police Overwhelmed by protesters http://t.co/Yq76f4dR #OccupyNigeria #fuelsubsidyremoval @AJEnglish @BBCNews

Channels_TV: A police officer at the #occupyNigeria protest in Ojota, #Lagos. Truck load of security agents kept protesters in check http://t.co/DWcyECY9

Tunde Leye: Nigerian police in Lag shot only 1 round of teargas. No shootin no 1#occupyNigeria #Lagos I was dere http://t.co/58jTXxlX

Ade-SHIVER: All cos of d subsidy protests #AjStream #occupynigeria @Gem_Vertex The guy who was shot at ilorin today http://t.co/2aZuCrif

fanen_Agba: Police Manhandling peaceful protesters in Makurdi, Benue State in North Central Nigeria. #OccupyNigeria Cc @cnnireport http://t.co/roPrHFaB

Ronnie WealthField: 1 persn killed in ilorins protest.I wish death upn d family of d police man dt did it #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/4x1WkI5O

Feyi’shy’ra Pablo.: Police Patrol Van burnt as protest continues. #occupyNigeria http://t.co/xNFYHTjV

abdulmutalib: @omojuwa we never we multiply…police men shootin protesters lokoja kogi state #occupyNigeria http://t.co/njjoV27g

Richard Akinwumi: @PremiumTimesng @saniconti @Musikilu @Ogala Photos from #Ilorin protest #occupyNigeria http://t.co/1wAQ1X2M

Richard Akinwumi: @PremiumTimesng @Musikilu Photos from Ilorin protest. #occupyNigeria #Ilorin http://t.co/ZZ7dLizc

Abang Mercy: Report from #ilorin, Kwara state confirms one of d 2 protesters shot by the police dead #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/60PSKHAW

Babajide Ikuyajolu: @CNN protest against fuel subsidy in Nigeria http://t.co/xtIsHrRi

jadesunloye: Nigeria protests, response 2 badly thght thru gov.removal of #fuelsubsidy; Food & prices have almost tripled as result. http://t.co/L3a3BVcS

bolaji kabiru wale: Gov Ajimobi in midst of protesters in #Ibadan #occupynigeria http://t.co/hgQb3I2t

Chika Moses: Police officer @ the #occupynigeria protest @ Ojota http://t.co/nlqdmaJu

Lanre T. Abdulkareem: Police van burnt in #Ilorin #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/gwdNszC0

Lanre T. Abdulkareem: Police vehicle burnt in Ilorin #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/oTw0tkwu

Elhusseim Musa: Kano protests is on #Fuelsubsidy @elrufai @YadomaMandara @bukolasaraki @AJEnglish http://t.co/YDHK5JpH

Nura Manu: Riot Policemen in Lagos join protesters— they said…. http://t.co/ThsL4J8Z

Arughawumi Omatseyin: Fadeyi area,Lagos. Bonfire by protesters against fuel subsidy removal by Nigerian govt. http://t.co/efJmoEsl

iamlosa: More police officers with armed officers arriving. #occupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/GNAU5jx8

iamlosa: Protesters surrounds a police truck with armed officers. #occupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/jWushBQg

arisou petterson: @MobilePunch pix of protest in Lagos #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidy http://t.co/4yk4bqNH

Olayinka Eboda: Police provoke protesters #occupynigeria http://t.co/vayxaV0J

Emmanuel Ilori: Anti-subsidy removal protesters! Ikorodu rd! http://t.co/FYJJggOC

Larry Olisa: Protesters demonstrating against #FuelSubsidyRemoval in Lagos. http://t.co/CdjmGoKH

Olakunle Olabinjo: #occupyNigeria #goodluckmustgo protests pic @Channels_TV http://t.co/d25NK9zJ

stynxxtreme: image from anti-subsidy protest. Ikorodu road, Maryland #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/n8T9jEDu

Benny: Something is burning yaba #lagos #aljazeera #bbcworld #cnn #fuelsubsidy protests 3/1/2012 http://t.co/XqRXRbAm

Benny: Noon in Lagos 3/1/2012 #fuelsubsidy protests gearing up #aljazeera #bbcworld #cnn http://t.co/vGhBGPGY

seyi esan: #Nigeria . Walked from Fadeyi to Onipanu on Ikorodu road. Not occupied . 4 detachments of Police http://t.co/2P06i4XM

iamlosa: Theres been no police incidence here on Ikorodu Road. We are fine so far #occupyNigeria #Lagos http://t.co/XdfULc7D

OKshorty1: Police trailing protesters. So far they havent disturbed anyone. #occupyNigeria http://t.co/2myAtHtp

Olamide Adekunle: Occupy Lagos protesters!police has already shot unarmed protestors http://t.co/A1NOLElq

Shams O’Muyiwa: Picture of protests in Lagos Nigeria. A #Clueless Govt far from peoples reality. #OccupyNigeria http://t.co/aBmcTkdj

annastasia: Peaceful protesters in maryland lagos #fuelsubsidyremoval http://t.co/in4NIlas

arisou petterson: @MobilePunch Pix of Lagos protests #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidy http://t.co/XY8IUdBW

Adenekan Olatunji. L: http://t.co/pu6UT9TY - 100s of Nigerians r marching in d commercial capital,Lagos,to protest @ d removal of a fuel subsidy

Kayode Akintemi: #FuelSubsidyRemoved: protesters hit the road in Lagos. @Channels_TV reporter in Abuja reports same http://t.co/whKVkMLN

Emmagine79: Seized bikes by Nigerian police force #lagos http://t.co/VfCE24Q9

Kenneth Oliko: Young people mobilize to join the #FuelSubsidy protest in Ibadan - http://t.co/wTlBPpLu

Samuel Joseph: Seun Anikulapo Kuti addressing protesters Jonathan is Nigerias only terrorist #Lagos #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/sKTLVtwM

Adedamola Layade: Protesters close to govs ofc..peaceful small grp wit police escort #FuelSubsidy http://t.co/ntLZkZQE

chieduifeozo: Wow, a country with no voice RT @Fantiss Theyre shooting tear gas @ us #fuelsubsidy protest @ Eagle square http://t.co/g07yAPM9