Japan, Fukushima, Tokyo, Izu Islands, Miyagi

theintlwirejp: Doomsday cult member surrenders to police in Japan http://t.co/D3iwXtwi

Lilly NBC: New Year´s: a monk in Japan rings a bell in Miyagi, remembering earthquake victims http://t.co/DyqZqsiH

theintlwirejp: Japan has offered an apology to Canadian prisoners of war. http://t.co/pVrGONyj

HaileyBatson: 7.0 earthquake hits Japan as soon as it turns to 2012 #Mayan #scared http://t.co/2x2u19Wk

BrianDunning: Proof of my prediction within minutes. Mag 7 earthquake south of Japan, no news yet: http://t.co/wEQh6Pyp

Byron Kidd: Moments ago a magnitude 7 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. Happy New Year everyone. http://t.co/bUg5pGgi

moto-yasu kinoshita: 1st day, January 2012, An earthquake hit Tokyo and the whole of eastern Japan. Source is straightly far south from http://t.co/kdTauDhM

Kaoru Kawashima: Apparently flood of happy-new-year-tweets from Japan took down Twitter in morning - 16197/sec http://t.co/8rvd5x22 via @twitpic

StupidCompanies: UNBELIEVABLE SIGHT: 3-11-11 PHOTO of huge boat atop a building in Japan, following double-whammy earthquake + tsunami http://t.co/ulTjkKCl

jongpairez: TOKYO, Japan— Residents of Fukushima near nuke plant camps out at Ministry of Economics in tokyo http://t.co/DnJufp1g