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MD_2389: RT @reedtimmerTVN 15 tornado reports so far from yesterday, with over 60 people injured most on the west side of the #USM campus. #mswx

TerryDomerese: Hattiesburg and surrounding areas cant catch a break. Another SEVERE Thunderstorm warning

TerryDomerese: Another round of storms for Hattiesburg. A tornado earlier today, and now severe hail w/ 60+ mph gusts.

WDAMRobertW: Severe warned storm is pushing through Marion and into Lamar. This is headed towards Hattiesburg.

MorganPalmer: RT @reedtimmerTVN More of damage in Hattiesburg, MS Thankfully no deaths reported yet. All tornado warnings cancelled #mswx #tornado

Mattgladden: @weatherchannel @JimCantore Hattiesburg destruction south of Highway 98 and west of Interstate 59.

BigGoldNation: RT @PineBeltSports Starting to get more images from the destruction left behind by the Hattiesburg tornado.

kayto74403: RT @tkonz Here is a photo of the #Hattiesburg tornado, sent to me from my sons father who is a police officer there

RapidRotation: Millry and Coffeeville, AL - seek shelter immediately! Yet another #tornado warning in the area. #alwx

alstormtracker: Large tornado reported in Hattiesburg MS from this storm. Now moving towards Cullomburg and Silas.

419Julie: RT @JWatson_Wx Confirmed tornado about to cross into AL heading just N. of Millry, towards Cullomburg & Silas..take cover! #tornado

wwltvweather: Tornado reports from this afternoon - eight reports in MS just outside our area from Columbia to Hattiesburg.

stormchasrbryce: Confirmed #tornado on the ground near #Waynesboro MS. Moving E. Millry&Silas AL areas as well. #mswx #alwx

SpiritInBlargh: RT @reedtimmerTVN Severe damage to Ogletree House in #Hattiesburg, MS from destructive #tornado around 5:15 pm CST

Penny: RT @wxbrad Storm Relative velocities are around 112 mph on the right side of the the S AL tornado warned storm #al

DavidHeckard: 3D image of the storm that produced the tornado in Hattiesburg. Storm is now in western AL. #tristatewx

Jeff Baskin: Storm that hit Hattiesburg heading toward Millry, AL. Another storm right behind it in Wayne County MS #Tornado

tornadoquest: Two strong couplets near MS/AL border from KMOB Mobile, AL radar @ 18:32 #alwx #mswx

JohnAhrens9: Heavy rain to move into #clt Thankfully NOT the situation unfolding in #Hattiesburg #MS big tornado in that area

KaleeDionne: Several tornado warnings in south MS moving into south AL.Please pay attention&take cover if a warning in ur area

USTornadoes: Storm that produced Hattiesburg tornado moving into Jones County MS. Likely long-track intense tornado. #mswx

AriWeather: Tornado damage near Hattiesburg, MS from storm chaser John Sibleys stream (

PatrickEllisWx: A friend of mine sent me this picture of the tornado moving towards Hattiesburg a few minutes ago. #mswx

thomas forrest: RT @justinbiberuk PHOTO: from storm chaser shows large tornado near Hattiesburg, MS - #TornadoEmergency

JWatson_Wx: Petal, MS now likely taking a direct hit from large tornado as it moves out of Hattiesburg, MS!

TheTateProject: RT @EricFisherTWC This is the #tornado near Hattiesburg, MS! Extremely dangerous storm. Seek shelter immediately in warning area!

ALStormChaser: RT @AriWeather Circled area is radar showing debris lofted a mile into the air by a #tornado in progress near Hattiesburg, MS #mswx

Matt Toadvine: Tornado EMERGENCY: Strong wedge tornado reported west of Hattiesburg, MS. Seek shelter now!!

Jeff Schwartz: PIC: Large #tornado on ground. Hattiesburg. #MSwx TORNADO EMERGENCY -

McKinneyNews14: RT @spann Storm chasers are still reporting a large, wedge tornado on the ground in Lamar County, MS #mswx

SevereStudios: Large tornado on the ground heading toward the Hattiesburg, MS metro area. (5:10pm)

spann: Tornado emergency for Hattiesburg, MS. Large, violent tornado reported by spotters. #mswx

Brad Panovich: Large wedge tornado reported just SW of Hattiesburg, MS seek shelter now! 5:03pm CST #tornado #mswx

Michael Hook : Storm possibly producing a tornado continues to track towards Hattisburg Mississippi #mswx

Brad Panovich: Confirmed #tornado on the ground tracking Northeast at 45mph towards northern #Hattiesburg, MS 4:56pm CST #mswx

Tendin2: RT @weatherchannel Strong rotation heading toward I-55 in MS near Brookhaven, south of Jackson… take cover! #mswx

spann: Flash flood warning for the Jackson MS metro #mswx