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MsPiperG: From someone in NYC showing FDR flooded

dull_m: Electrical #fire burning at the Greenwood power station, BK (2/2). Shortly after an explosion, then darkness. #Sandy

BigBirdRomney: WOW. Photo of ambulances lined up outside NYU Hospital to take patients after power was lost. #HurricaneSandy #Sandy

adamjscher: Another #Brooklyn #gowanus #fire on butler and bond. Lots of smoke and fire trucks. #Sandy

ENERGYbits: Some of the destruction from #sandy here in Boston

stormchaser4850: Capture image from WABC-TV coverage of wind-driven fire burning structures in Queens, NY tonight #Sandy

LauraNajemy: power lines on fire on Crescent street in Astoria #hurricane #sandy

CEOSKILLS: NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 29: A flooded gas station in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

ChrisnagyCarGuy: With news crippling efforts of #Sandy, it concerns me to see theres still a few people in Times Square. via @EarthCam

BBC News (World): Apartments in a block in New York are exposed after the buildings facade collapses during storm #Sandy. PICTURE

annacalla: Only light is from the Empire State Building, smoke is flooding from electrical fire in subway, no pow in e vil #sandy

c_petitjean: Power generator explosion in New Jersey from @coricapik apartment. #sandy #storm #hurricane #nyc #newjersey #cuj13

FdnyChief: Lower East side is like a war zone, no power, derby everywhere & Bellview Hospital losing generator!! #sandy NYC.

HellPR: RT @newsbreaker PHOTO: Floating washing machines inside flooded building, part of midtown #Hoboken. h/t: @AntDeRosa

SheaMallen27: Pic of Manhattan losing power earlier tonight. Absolutely wild. Nearly 4 million in the dark. #Sandy

SarahFarquhar88: RT @RYOTnews UPDATE & PHOTO: 3.1 million people now without power. Photo of Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights via HuffPo #Sandy

osd4815: A lone taxi sits submerged by flood waters in NYC. Photo from @binkholderfield.

Andy_Marra: Shocking how far it has flooded over. RT @kurthumes @queensbeat cops in boats on 5th St in Hunters Point #LIC #Queens

navjot_navy: Houses are flooded in the neighborhood of La Javilla in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, #Sandy - CNN

AnnamariaChen: Police Cars and Intrepid Museum are #underwater in Midtown #Sandy

mattpolitano: Best. News. Pic. Ever. Latest image from New York

billjonesjr: ConEd explosion at 14th street in NYC. Reported 230K lost power.

Veronica De Souza: Area near Pulaski Bridge flooded (via hwarwick) #sandy

lucaswilliams31: This pic of Manhattan is just mind blowing. No power except for the empire state building in the distance

Steven Bognar: The explosion at a Con Ed plant that plunged lower Manhattan into darkness #wbz #MASandy

Mark Murphy: #Sandy NOAA Battery Park NY flood telemetry showed 11.87 ft, down from 13.88. Flood stage 6.7 ft. 30 mins ago

Wx_Jess: 11pm EDT wind map via now w/ circulation center of #Sandy near NJ/DE/MD/PA border. Again, wow.

Shalyn67: @smh Photo:Much of Manhattan is in darkness as power companies cut supply in an effort to save infrastructure #Sandy

bpsears: RT @JustinWeather Center of Sandy near Bel Air MD. Strong winds ahead/behind. It will push close to 70 mph… No. side Baltimore next

RaygunBrown: Coney Island completely flooded. #sandy

pprfldr: RT @srini091 Looks like #cycloneNilam is hitting Chennai just as #Sandy is at NYC.Heavy winds & rains in Chennai.Stay safe people.

Bevan Shields: Dramatic photo of the HMS Bounty replica submerged in the Atlantic Ocean during coast guard rescue #Sandy

LittleBuddies aka TR: Photo of flooding in NYC. 3 million people have lost power in Manhattan. #sandy

mauricioshinepr: Image of ConEd explosion near 14th street in #nyc #sandy #sandy2012

dhharper: Storm over Manhattan, view from Williamsburg. About 8 feet higher than it would normally be, here. #keepdrinking

kotetsuroko: RT @BigBirdRomney Photo shows police cars submerged in water - Manhattan, NYC. #HurricaneSandy

清白勝: RT @RickStrom #storms #NYC #Sandy RT @robdavis_wx Some streets in New York City are flooded car-deep! #iPOst

MalShelbourne: From the looks of the Belt Parkway in person, it will surely flood soon. #sandy

PitReporterDPTV: Con Ed explosion in lower Manhattan. Everyone please stay safe. #Sandy

Nikki704: RT @JamieBollWBTV Fire erupts in Queens. People being rescued from apartments per WABC #sandy

sarah kunst: Fire on bond and 7th st in Brooklyn. Seems like no fire trucks on the way. #sandy

ThomDaugherty: A great scene in The Day After Tomorrow. — No, wait… this is actually happening in Manhattan right now.

jasonagastrich: Check out some rad flood pics from several states here: #hurricanesandy

jeanjean3: RT @FDNY Now: #FDNY responding to 2-alarm fire at 88-21 186 St, #Queens. No injuries at this time.

jchadwatson: BILL WALSH says New York continues to flood with water across the LES, Battery, etc. This pic from Brooklyn edge zone A

KTXS_News: Quiet weather in our area. Here are the latest wind gusts in the NE. Storm surge flooding in occurring in NYC.

SurfSkiWxMan: After #Irene, no power from route 3 Norwell until got to to Scituate. Now #sandy opposite. Norwell lit. Minor flood 123

evfaithful: Car fire in Union City caused by a downed power line. #Sandy

RhodeRunner22: A flooded Narragansett Pier (pic from @scindependent) #Sandy

HungryRabbitNYC: Police providing illumination in #NYC #sandy

clarabell8: Riverside uptown - flood waters coming, just saw fire engine pass #Sandy

xohannahkatiexo: RT @RYOTnews UPDATE: Con Ed power company explosion in Lower Manhattan on 14th street. Downtown is now dark #Sandy

AndrewChalland: RT @reedtimmerTVN WOW, sad. World Trade Center construction area being taken over by flood waters! #nywx #hurricanesandy

ArnaldoPrado98: RT @AnonIRC A shark was photographed swimming in the front yard of a flooded home in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey #Sandy

Britax Automotive: Police car looks out over a dark Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge #Sandy via @couriermail

Mark Murphy: #SANDY BULLETINS: NYSE flooded—three ft water. NY/NJ PATH trains flooded, massive blast at NYC ConEd plant (pic)

Shaun_Moore: New York Daily News newsroom…no power, flood water continues to surge into the building. #Sandy

Ashley_Bullard: Around 2 foot of storm surge flood waters in Lower Manhattan to just under wheel arches on cars. #SandyNYC #Sandy

ChrisODay: No power and flood….view outside #Sandy

lasslaby: RT @DumboNYC Fire trucks on scene #dumbo #brooklyn #sandy RT @dmarqtrades 30 Washington fire

WXSpec: Storm surge now 9.2 feet at Battery Park. Water Lvl 13.88 Feet. Rpts of people trapped in vehicles on FDR. #NYC #Sandy

iheartmiami305: Another whoa pic…@BrandonSFL Water is now gushing into the Subways in Lower Manhattan due to #Sandy

AnthonyFarnell: Storm surge at The Battery in New York now almost 14ft. Subway flooding will continue for hours. Unbelievable! #sandy

Carlos_Guru: Lower Manhattan flooded! RT @AdamSchefter RT @whopetah avenue c In manhattan!!

SugarcubeDog: RT @princessGwenie1 A flooded street in Atlantic City, New Jersey, tonight

windycityamar: Another view of NYC gone dark due to power outages. Scary and eerie. Be safe New York. Photo by @SimonHuck #Sandy

MCoon92: Manhattan has been plunged into darkness as Con Ed cuts power to protect equipment from rising waters

Org9: RT @ChaseCainTV Seriously cant believe whats happening to #Manhattan. Power cut. Island access closed. Streets flooded.

Jonathan Erdman: Can see #NYC power cuts in this photo MT @foto8 Via @NYTimes webcam 1/2 of Manhattan goes dark in #Sandy.

NHawking: Shocking photo! @craighutchy Bottom half of New York. Con Edison shut power off due to flooding

StevenDilla: Ave C flood minutes before the power plant blew. #Sandy #NYC

Paul Kemp: Storm surge! Holy shit! This is Brooklyn right now…

ivegotthepower: First Avenue #NewYork #SANDY now completely flooded since pic was taken

GreedyGreedo: Holy smoke, get away from your car! @reedtimmerTVN Cars under water on Ave C & 14th Street in NYC

madamelolo: Avenue C is completely flooded water coming to my block which was zone B #sandy #alphabetcity

jefflac: Garden and Newark flooded in #Hoboken. Stretches to Park and beyond. Legal Beans and Archstone surrounded.

micchiato: RT @afshanstan Yikes! Scary! Stay safe! @amarHoboken Our street at corner of Grand and Newark in #Hoboken completely flooded.

Miles Doran: Another pic of Dewey Beach, Delaware marina from earlier today. #Sandy

MarlowNYC: #NYC Taxi Cab with passengers inside hit by tree during #Hurricane #Sandy in #Manhattan (all safe) (via @ABC)

danarubinstein: Friend sends this photo of storm from downtown Brooklyn

LaStarDcStar: Oc flood near MR Ducks #sandy

amarHoboken: Back of #Hoboken is a river. Streets completely flooded past Newark and Adams. #Sandy

BuzzFeedAndrew: NWS says water levels at Battery Park are 1 ft over previous record of Hurricane Donna. Photo of Hurricane Donna flood.

Tammy Woods: Tree down on power line which is on car, serious arking. Susquehanna and Verree. 911 24d. Police pullin up. #sandy

SteveGrzanich: UPDATE: Two million plus people w/o power in 11 states. Water rising in Battery Park in NYC (Photo via @AlexSilverman)

reedtimmerTVN: Storm surge is coming towards Dave, Mike and Chad in NYC ! Streaming live video from NYC and WV

HPOE: @News12WC @nydailynews power line down on 9a in Elmsford on fire #hurricanesandy

wovencharlie: Looks like superstorm sandy has flooded out lower DUMBO. Corner of Plymouth and Water street. #frankenstorm #brooklyn

Twisty58: RT @KLSouth #Sandy worsens, yet, Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Regiment continue to guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

JulieCareyNBC: Fair warning: FFX Co firefighters, door to door in Huntington asking residents to evacuate in case it floods #sandydc

reilz20: RT @thestormreport #Sandy now a post tropical storm. Meanwhile a shark is in the streets of Wildwood, NJ. Image from: @justinjohnson29

bendreyfuss: RT @AntDeRosa RT @gilgul I see 8 fire trucks and many police cars and vans #sandy 14/8

therealjkerch: RT @Charley_IDGAF Zamnnn no front yard RT @iHazeleye RT @myfoxdc Another Ocean City, MD pic from a Fox5 viewer #Sandy

mphnyc: Streets now flooded from #sandy winds in Long Beach!!

jhelmus: Hudson River starting to flow over its banks across the street from me near Pier 81 #Sandy #HurricaneSandy

Lloyds of York 1917: Picture of flooded street in front of the Newport Shipyard #HurricaneSandy #Newport

g00bler: View from above in Atlantic City , crashing tides, flooded roads… #Sandy

AnitaMarks: Leave it to me to pick a hotel in Secaucus to ride out the storm near an electrical explosion! #HurricaneSandy

Anemona Hartocollis: Get outta the park. Kids run from park @ 135th St and Hudson River after police cruiser moves in.

AnD: Crane dangling in Manhattan. Roads blocked from 54th till at least 59th. #sandy

IslesPunkFan: Another photo from Farmingdale that shows the destruction of #HurricaneSandy - @newsday @LIPAnews

Derek Henry Flood: Storm chasing in LIC #NYC, hiding in a door nook. Hard to stand gales blowing so hard. #sandy

JohnKenten: #sandy local flood 3 hrs ago, now it must be feet higher, MD near Boyds

JulieCareyNBC: Turn around! Woodburn RD closed in #FFX County - one of 9 flooded streets there. #sandydc @nbcwashington

janlascko: @BetsyKling power lines on fire Memphis in Brooklyn!

PlumHamptons: Here is another look at Shinnecock canal, now flooded and unpassable. #sandy

lyricstotler: Kelly, if the water is above the sidewalk and theres an army vehicle in front of your house, LEAVE NEW YORK!!!

Kathleen Horan: One of the flooded streets in Red Hook across from Ikea. #sandy

MarissaBurke1: People photo bombing on CNN. Haha! #Sandy

LexReporter: A fallen tree is blocking off traffic on Bedford Street westbound in front of the Buckman Tavern. #sandy

Kirsten T: Ash Street New Bedford MA. Huge tree fell across the street already. 4:15 pm 10-29-11 #sandy 3 of 3

Kirsten T: Ash Street New Bedford MA. Huge tree fell across the street already. 4:15 pm 10-29-11 #sandy

Kirsten T: Ash Street New Bedford MA. Huge tree fell across the street already. 4:15 pm 10-29-11 #sandy

sistertoldjah: A photo of Carvers Gap near Roan Mountain, via @TourAsheville. cc: @wxbrad #ncwx #sandy #NCSandy

Cindy: flooded White Horse Parkway going into Atlantic City. #njsandy #sandy via @TwitPic

AlyBadawy: Some pictures from hurricane #Sandy in Brooklyn, NY. Pic no. 1

capewx: North Wildwood firefighters fighting a fire earlier today in waist deep floodwaters. #Sandy

Dgood73: Roadways starting to flood in Westchester County … situation should worsen in coming hours. #sandy

samanthalaine: RT @StartingPtCNN From @StartingPtCNN producer @ElizabethMayo - fire trucks block 58th street for partial crane collapse in #NYC #Sandy

nbcwashington: RT @jordannbcdc Tree falls into home on Nebraska and Nevada. Couple inside is safe. Police blame winds. #SandyDC

101stABNNATCAP: RT @JulieCareyNBC Watching the water rise in flood prone Huntington area of #FFX Co. Hoping to keep basements dry this time. #sandydc

hollyfrew: @msnbccamera @WorldVisionUSA evacuates Bronx office due to rising flood waters. #Sandy

SecretNakedHobo: Battling a house fire during flooding on Long Island #Sandy

USWeatherExpert: RT @capitalweather RT @bryanwx Waves of 23 feet being reported 15 mi SE of New York Harbor as of 2:50 PM EDT. #Sandy #NYC

DanielInFlight: RT @gillyarcht SCARIEST #Sandy hit in NYC yet. MT @PiersTonight A crane on top of a building on W 57th street is breaking… stay safe

haloefekti: Brooklyn Bridge Webcam screen capture couple of minutes ago #Sandy

lawyerpants: .@sfj @KatzOnEarth Police close 3rd Avenue at 121st Street in NYC; scaffolding banging nearby #frankenstorm #sandy

UOJim: Eye of storm 250 mi south! MT @MsCourt photo of Hudson flood Dutchess County (70 miles north of Manhattan):

Layla_jayla: Manhattan starting to flood #HurricaneSandy

JaneKratochvil: Fulton Ferry Landing closed by police. #Sandy #HurricaneSandy #NYC #DUMBO #Brooklyn

Blue Collar Mamma: Waterfront in Greenpoint Brooklyn not flooded as of 20 min ago #sandy

JustJoshBlue: @gdoner Tall building on 57th … Crane just broke. #Sandy ABC local covering this now. Area blocked by police

U2sJerseygirl: RT @mattmcgee WABC TV in NYC says the loose crane is on west 57th street. Police closed streets below.

Kim Lucey: Flooding in Old Saybrook. 200 already at shelter. Police chief says 53 of those nursing home evacuees. #Sandy #wfsb

rslonik: RT @heatherhaddon Storm predicted to hit ocean city, nj tonight, which now looks like this #sandy

Vanessajunkin: Waves in the flood water on Lake Street in Salisbury after a truck passed through #Sandy #frankenstorm

CelineAnderson1: Photo from home: streets flooded higher then fire hydrant. #Sandy #Rockaway #NYC

SunMediaEditor: Scene on Shawsheen Ave. earlier in Wilmington from man trapped in truck after tree fall. #Wilmington #frankenstorm

EyeOnPolitics: MT @CBSNewYork photo of a flooded Binghamton Ferry Boat in the Hudson River, taken by 1010 WINS @glennschuck

encomstron: 42,606 people now with out power in #SouthJersey #Sandy #NJ

ErinEnterprise: Easton police blocking off Highland St because of power line down from a tree #entsandy #sandy

Debrosi: Pic taken from the Hilton Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Facing towards the bay side. #hurricanesandy

Red1986GT: RT @Stringernews Freeport,NY- As if flooding isnt bad enough…how about a house fire in the middle of a flooded out area. #sandy

acherry13: A gloomy and ominous looking #Delaware River that could flood into Battery Park. #NetDE #sandyDE #StormDE

StupidCompanies: New York City may excel at political sand-bagging, but is weak when it comes to storm / flood sand bagging technique!

NickGulotta: Gantry State Park in Long Island City is flooded. Police beginning to clear the park. #Sandy #Queens

marth_vivian: Monongahela near us not flooding yet…online says its 10 feet higher some places… #sandy

RepTierney: Joined Mayor Kirk, fire and police chiefs in Gloucester. Our first responders are working hard preparing for #MASandy.

aladamsjr: RT @TheDay_Sasha Pequot at Jerome in #NewLondon. Big waves from #Sandy. Lots of weather watchers here. Police enforcing

fottojourno: Collegeville fire ready but nothing is coming in now, save a few minor transformer fires. countys been quiet. #sandy

AngryJohnnie: Storm watchers survey the high tides flooded streets in Milford Monday as #sandy surges into the state.

DeniseAFondo: Avalon & Stone Harbor already flooded. So sad. RT @cwarzel A Sunoco in Avalon, NJ #sandy

Jason Coulls: Social Media often degenerates into a war on stupidity… Just saw this on Facebook coming out of israel. #fake #sandy

Saratogastephen: Shes getting angry! #angry, #storm, #Sandy, #ocean, #hurricane, #east, #coast

hmoore013: RT @EJUSA This is right behind our office in Brooklyn. Not quite flood level yet. RT @jeffsoto DUMBO #hurricanesandy

OPORTSMOUTH: RT @HC_Sandy #HurricaneSandy Destroyed a portion of the Atlantic City boardwalk on flooded Atlantic Ave. NJ

danieljrichter: @njdotcom @HCDemocrat Branch blocking Readington Rd in Branchburg near Narraganset Dr #sandy #sandyNJ #hurricane

ACKblACKbook: Washington Street is flooded from #Sandy … Main street feels like August. #Nantucket @fox25news

Hurricanephoto: The streets of ATLANTIC CITY. Its already in flooded. Poor AppleBees

nycHope: RT @nycarecs Photo from #NYC is this overkill ? Maybe, but they are near Wall Street, and that is in flood zone Manhattan, #sandy

reedtimmerTVN: Police blocking access to the ports in the financial district of Manhattan for #HurricaneSandy surge. @connormccrorey

michaelwbz4: Early casualty of #Sandy Main Street Chatham. Coast Guard on the scene in minutes removing tree from car and street

mchl_bush: A picture of #Sandy from Space…. One hell of a storm headed our way #GetReady

Ryan Hanrahan: Storm surge flooding in Guilford, CT from #Sandy

TheBriGuy83: Storm not close yet RT @alanhahn The East River is a little wider today (by Long Island City via FDNY): #sandy #fb

JosephOfficial: Battery Park in Manhattan as it starts to flood due to Hurricane Sandy (Friends, please be VERYcarefultoday andtomorrow

DBatPoJo: A section of #Waryas Park in the City of #Poughkeepsie is flooded already.. #pjstorm #sandy

JimmyVanBramer: Police are beginning to cordon off Gantry Plaza State Park in #LIC #CouncilD26 #Sandy #NY1Sandy #SandyABC7

myantkinney: RT @amysrosenberg Atlantic Avenue at Boardwalk flooded, ocean crashing over sea wall, pieces of boardwalk in street. #sandynj

LeahRaeNY: A note of defiance in Ryes flood zone #sandy

laurenthebird: Its like the opening scene of Vanilla Sky RT @AirForce_Carl Never seen downtown New York so empty! #sandy

AlfredLam: RT @AnnetteDevlin Storm hasnt even hit yet , this is Atlantic City with part of Boardwalk torn up and floating. Worst is yet to come.

nowthisnews: Portions of the FDR are now flooded thanks to #sandy. From @nowthisnews’ @ElizSarg

AHellmanDC: Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda near the office. Stay safe people #SandyDC

Mocher2000: 20,000 people in NYC and 36,000 people in NJ already without power due to #Sandy. Pic: Ocean City, NJ already flooded.

Will D.: Seems like a slight overreaction, no? #Sandy RT @KPCK The Fairfield Police paramilitary out in beach area

Vincent Rodriguez: Reports of New York LaGuardia (LGA) beginning to flood. #sandy

AJ: Flooding in NJ. Atlantic City already flooded out.

SaleskyKATU: #sandy is now pushing water up onto runway at JFK airport. Storm is still hours from landfall.

RepJoeCourtney: Now in New London reviewing FEMA flood maps with Mayor Finizio. #Sandy

Ultimate BFF VMFF: Holy shitballs! I live there! RT @MsMelia FDR Drive on east side of Manhattan flooded #hurricanesandy #frankenstorm

akesslerdc: Chunks of the Atlantic City boardwalk have ripped off and are floating down the flooded streets.

Patrick Whittle: A #freeport house on this flooded street burned down. No injuries. #sandy #longisland

JustinZarembaNJ: No power for traffic signs in areas throughout Parsippany including Reynolds Ave #njsandy

MatthewArco: Another look at #NJ State Police command center in Ewing. #njsandy

cloepoisson: Crazy scene at Apple Rehab in Old Saybrook where residents are being evacuated ahead of #sandy. Pics not allowed.

SuzanneLio: Pic from brother in Old Saybrook CT. And worst is yet to come. #sandy

dgatterdam: Park police telling people go home on Hudson river #Sandy

ikluft: pic by @PANYNJ Hurricane #Sandy beginning to flood LaGuardia Airport runways and taxiways

KatieColaneri: Few homes boarded up in flood prone west #Hoboken

E: My ex sent me a picture of NY neighborhood flooded already. The storm aint even got started yet.

PHBPHOTO: Ocean Front road in Salisbury has been closed by police #masandy #sandy

durple: RT @HobokenPatch People taking pictures down by Lackwanna Terminal where the entire area is flooded #Sandy #njsandy #SandyOnPatch

paullarosa: And the storm surge is flooding the promenade near Battery Park City…there are people living in that boat.

Lewisburg_PA: Looks like #Sandy is headed towards Lewisburg. Please stay safe.

nmatares: Brooklyn Bridge Parks are starting to flood…. #huricanesandy #nyc cc: @hurricanephotos

disastersafety: A view of flooding in Ventnor, NJ caused by Hurricane #Sandy. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Berndt)

mmargoshka: Strong gusts of wind and drizzle in #EastHarlem. Parts of FDR already flooded, view from east 120th St. #Sandy

livewithlove9: Pic of the the river starting to spill into Manhattans Upper West Side already! : @gary1943

livewithlove9: As the pic shows, Red Hook section of Brooklyn already flooded b4 the main storm. #Sandy

JTowlen: #mcjsandy #NJsandy South River police close causeway to South River.

mindymizell: RT @WorldVisionNews See a pic of a sample #WorldVision emergency flood kit, another 720 kits being sent from North Texas to #NYC today

SKastenbaumCNN: People on Carroll St Bridge taking pics of Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. Storm surge will flood at high tide. #cnn #Sandy

JD Little: Overworked drainage system in DC, and the bulk of the storm hasnt hit yet. With @BCtoDCEagle #SandyDC

LindsayMcNamara: Already lost power in Long Valley and got a picture of my apartment in Sea Bright already flooded. #Sandy

captlep: Tuckerton Beach flood #njsandy #sandy @News12NJ @njdotcom @nj1015

SalRuibal: Getting noisier outside and police are asking drivers to get off the roads in DC and Northern Virginia. #Sandy

TDPhiladelphian: RT @capewx From Facebook: Rt. 47 entrance into Wildwood completely flooded, car partially submerged. #Sandy

MrPurpleMonkey: Shore parkway, Brooklyn. Waves are coming in and no downpour yet. Pic credit from friend #Sandy

teambellatspain: #Sandy killed 59 people in the Caribean, and now its near New York. Be careful! #Sandy

CarolynLumsden: #sandy strangeness. State flag has flown in opposite direction from US flag all morning. See photo.

Mistress Sashi: wow! RT @LucyKafanov Waves crash in near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn. Photo via NYDN #Sandy #BayRidge

NBCPhiladelphia: NBC 10 viewer Nick shared this pic of a flooded Roosevelt Blvd going into Ocean City, NJ. #Sandy

Maria MN: And the storm hasnt hit yet. RT @newyorkist Some parts of South St are beginning to experience flooding #sandy #zonea

JennaStern: Big gusts here in Prospect Heights. Just saw fire trucks across on Flatbush /Carleton with downed trees. #Brooklyn

Jessica Roy: East River already massively flooded near Brooklyn Bridge Park in #Dumbo. #sandy

AstoriaHaiku: RT @claretrap Parts are the #Rockaway freeway ate completely flooded.

MattSnowManCNY: Police kicking people out of old seating area in Battery Park, they say waves will likely destroy it within 12-18 hrs

Maryn McKenna: drain will clog; street will flood faster RT @amichel lot of storm water to wash these leaves down the drain #sandy

KatieMcFadden: My street in Rockaway flooded from the bay water coming up the sewers #sandy

WeatherBug: RT @ErinJordan_WX Margate City, NJ near Atlantic City already flooded! Look towards the bottom of the image.

museymary: peak storm is not yet here and already Hudson River poised to cause havoc for us west siders. #Sandy

AnthonyFarnell: flooded Battery Park in #nyc at the worst of Irene vs this morning with #sandy. Storm still 500miles away.

mediatrustpete: Here comes the Hudson River on the west side of nyc starting to flood #stormagedin #hurricane

_SeanFleming: The storm hasnt even hit yet and the water-level of the Hudson is already overflowing into Hoboken. #HurricaneSandy

ArielleIllana: East river flood pic. #sandy

lardito: Riders on the Storm, report in from Arlington MA #somewhatwindy #frankenstorm

augieray: For 2nd time in 15 mins, police shoo ppl off flooded Morris Canal Park. Cops job today: Save stupid people from selves.

LeanneCassidy72: #sandytoday #Hoboken train station already flooded.

FuatKircaali: Lighthouse Point, FL high tide. 1,200 miles away from New York City, itll be flooded here tonight w full moon. #Sandy

tklewis416: Hoboken Terminal already flooded by Hudson river #Sandy #Hoboken

MyRight2SpeakUp: RT @AudreyPuente Meadowlands Parkway is flooded in Secaucus, NJ! Way sooner than it was during Irene! #sandy

morganrichter: Storm report: Very calm thus far. East River choppy, Manhattan skyline still standing. Stay safe, everyone.

BidishaSkates: Storm edge, blue skies ahead in SC #sandy

stormchaser4850: Picture: Streets already flooded at high tide in Cape May, NJ from #Sandy via @Dianarocco

augieray: Jersey City police asking stupid people to move away from flooded areas of Morris Canal Park. #sandy

TiaLeVie: Wildwood New Jersey right now. Sent by a friend living there, already totally flooded @todayshow #sandy

augieray: Hudson River beginning to breach low-lying areas of Jersey City, across from New York. Minor flooding now. #sandy

MartinMMC: Crews attempting to operate pumps in the flooded out Larchmont area of Norfolk. #Sandy #hrsandy

Dan_Camins: 9am in NYC. High winds, no rain yet. That flag is holding strong.

JackForgach: Storm prep in lower Manhattan, near Bowling Green.

AviationandWX: 2.9 earthquake near Marion, NC and snow is falling on Beech Mnt, NC. #sandy, #ncwx #earthquake

GreillyPost: #Ffld firefighters get lists of people with medical needs in flood zones to make welfare check before #sandy

CTLightandPower: CL&P crews building concrete wall to protect #Stamford substation from #Sandy flooding

The_Squiress: Just short of high tide in Massapequa. House nextdoor flooded and water coming in ours now! #Sandy #Frankenstorm

kpatat: Long Island City is already starting to flood #newyork #sandy

SeanReedMcGee: Does that news report state Blizzard warning? Crazy #sandy #SuperStorm

Loren_Hart: Pic of lower Manhattan, from Brooklyn, 7:15 am. #HurricaneSandy #Windy

harlem_boy: Hang in there New York. Luv U #HurricaneSandy #NYC #storm

DanielRadelAPP: Manasquan plaza brook is flooded already from #frankenstorm. This leads to Glimmer Glass

ChuckBell4: Heavy rain moving into DC metro from east …heres StormTeam4 Radar early this Monday morning:

Kathy Zucker: Harrison Street in southwest #Hoboken after the #Hurricane #Irene storm surge. About 4 of flooding after 6 wave

sree: [photo] Its 12:36 am in NYC and all is calm. No sign of #Sandy yet. #frankenstorm

theWeatherboy: Current photo snapped in Wildwood, near Wildwood Avenue/Park #SandyNJ

musaaydineker: DC and New York mayors should hire couple @GalatasaraySK flood respond guys to handle devastation of #Sandy

NickyWoolf: I count ten ambulances heading to New York. Maybe more- its ambulances as far as I can see. #sandy

Scott Schwebke: Pic of empty store shelves in #NewYork ahead of #Sandy

bhug918: Roads already starting to flood in Atlantic City, NJ. #Hurricanesandy

Vanessa Vanier: @Occuweather Little brother just sent me this photo from our neighborhood.Storm didnt even arrive yet! #Sandy

UJCARE : Williamsburg: Sand bags are being placed on Flushing Ave. In preparation of possible flood #Sandy #HurricaneSandy

FDNYEMSwebsite: NYC EMTs & Paramedics stage their ambulances for possible evacuations of people in flood zone A due to Hurricane #Sandy

dragonfly12107: Photo: Great @NASA image of #Sandy approaching Cape Hatteras (@capehatterasnps) Another WOW view @Zak_NYCMetroWx

Tardif: This is what the ocean looks like right now at the Jersey Shore, town next to mine, & storm #Sandy has not hit yet :(

IndianaWxOnline: Storm Warnings are in effect for much of Lake Michigan & Lake Erie. #Hurricane #Sandy #ILwx #INwx #OHwx

hkearl: i am heading north on 81 to dc area from va-nc border and scores of power trucks are heading north too #sandy #prepare

JasonNark: 10th and Delaware in NW starting to flood a little. Near Marina Cove. #sandynj

Adam Henry: Photo of a state trooper stuck in flooded waters on Route 1 in Delaware (from @JustinWeather)

Breaking News: Blizzard warning issued in West Virgina mountains @twc_hurricane reports. #Sandy

StuOstro: For #weather geeks..Strong 700 mb frontogenesis producing band of heavy #rain near #Chesapeake Bay well ahead of #Sandy

AshleyLizNix: RT @twcMariaLaRosa In awe of #Sandys sphere of influence: cloud streets off storms NW flow over Gulf of Mexico—100s of miles from cntr

tomparsons115: @SternNationChic I guess even hospitals flood sometimes… #Sandy #PVD isnt that a fire hazard to block a door

JamieMWay: It looks like #Sandy already hit the grocery store in Columbia Heights.

SturdevantNews: East Haven police substation is boarded up for the storm. #hurricane #sandy

baboomoshay: Ariel view of Sandy the Huge Storm approaching NY :

janiceharayda: Atlantic City is being evacuated. Photo of people waiting to leave #SandyNJ #Sandy via @ryanchutchins, Star-Ledger

AustinLouis5: RT @RyanMaue Snowcane part of #Sandy, widespread dump of snow on West Virginia.Prob not enough wind for technical Blizzard warning.

N0rth3rngirl: Streets near my house are already flooded and the storm hasnt even started here yet…. #Sandy

toon85: @JimCantore @StephanieAbrams Delaware state police car today #Sandy

Jazz: its going down …I need to get the hell out of Norfolk! ..flood watch! !

Ginger_Zee: Zone A in Manhattan (about 375k people) will evacuate. #Sandy will put out 1000 miles of tropical storm force winds:

FourCM: ahh NY, why not leave your Rolls Royce parked on the streets of flood zone A? #Sandy

hsilverbergwtop: #FairfaxCounty police handing out flyers in the #Huntington which is probe to flooding about #Frankenstorm @wtop

AuntCis1119: Larchmont starting to flood #sandy #norfolk

Jason Houck: RT @wxbrad 2 areas of over wash on HWY 12 on the #OBX being reported now. Near Nags Head & Rodanthe #ncwx #Sandy

wesbechtel: First sign of #Sandy destruction Ive seen. Toppled tree (think it was already dead) in Ogden area off White Rd. #ILM

maurmarshall: A little princess photo bombing @JimCantores live hit @weatherchannel #sandy

capewx: Billboards along Rt. 47 into Wildwood being dismantled ahead of #Sandy.

Toomers4Ttown: RT @spann Tropical storm force winds are close to the coast of the Carolinas #sandy

Right Weather: Storm surge model forecast 4.8 ft. for #newport from #sandy. Bigger impact than Irene which was 3.1 ft.

mountsutro: #Sandy showing hybrid characteristics. Ever expanding wind fields are moving west into the FL east coast warning area.

AshleyNell28: @nbcwashington #Sandy very close to D.C. area; worst of storm expected to be Monday heading into Tuesday go away!!

PaulFox13: The latest GFS continues the trend of a blockbuster storm near Long Island late Monday into Tuesday. #Sandy

7Weather: Fishing Hole Road to Queens Highway flood by #Sandy. Photo Courtesy of Kristan Rahming. #Bahamas

tatewatkins: RT @RAMhaiti Hundreds of people have left their homes to see the destruction #Floods #Haiti #LaPlaine

Weed Dude: Photo: Residents wade through flooded streets caused by heavy rains from #Sandy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (@AP)

battisctv: Forecasters tracking #Sandy inside Cdn Hurr Ctr in #Halifax. Storm to land at US Northeast coast Monday. @CTVNews

bethparker5: Getting ready for #Sandy. @dcwater crews in the flood prone #Bloomingdale neighborhood clearing storm drains @myfoxdc

TraderChef: #sandy TS warning, 3 miles from Atlantic Ocean, some happy, some sad and some #scared

toddpatrickpiro: Even Xmas is being impacted by #Sandy. New Haven Christmas tree coming down from Woodbridge home ahead of storm.

HopeforHaitiFL: 7 confirmed deaths in Les Cayes #haiti the rain from #Sandy has paused for now but flood waters continue to rise

kjcopp: Another pic of Hurricane #Sandy brushing along the shore of south FL in Vero Beach today.

WCVB: RT @AtwaterWCVB Boats coming out in Scituate ahead of potential storm #Sandy

Angela M. Davis: entire country nods in approval RT @wsbtv New storm track of #Sandy, forecast to hit NJ on Tues.

GibbItAThought: not saying it will happen but latest NHC map puts out worst case scenario.. Look at angle of storm heading into NJ