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Kimberly Suiters : 15 hrs after nomination, #Romney routes #Ryan to Richmond to rally Republican base http://t.co/g1t8GURw @abc7news @6p

michele31831: @TB_Times #Tampa police leaders draw praise for peaceful #RNC2012 week. http://t.co/iZIR4oSk http://t.co/KjYQtyXg Thanks #Tampa Police!

ashleygTV: Lakeland, FL police unveil Sky Tower to surveill during Romney-Ryan #RNC farewell rally. Cams 30 ft up. #UpWithABC http://t.co/mCOrtPyi

justinbarbour: Or as the G.O.P. calls them, The Help. RT @rickklein Partys over. Popping police #2012gop http://t.co/rZQCP0na

Maura Pierce: Zero coverage of heavy police presence in conv cities, so thx MT @joejohnscnn One more of big police night in Tampa http://t.co/qXRI9Sv4

Sierra_Adamson: Protesters outside #RNC blocked in by cops on bikes and horses http://t.co/v7IUzMpT

Bryan_Llenas: Photo: Protestors interrupt Mitt Romney speech shout people over profits #GOP2012 #RNC http://t.co/UYugwhGO

americasvoice: Guards forcing protestors out of #rnc http://t.co/4xq1O7CQ

Linda Kapfer: @gzornick Standing right by code pink protestors—security absolutely mobbing them http://t.co/3dZUUVFX #GOP style of freedom

joe johns: More police than protestors on streets of Tampa final night of RNC http://t.co/GdNRUlGS

tonybalogna: #Occupy on the march again. This is from behind the march. Massive police column. #GOP2012 #OWS http://t.co/zjII0rlc

TampaPD: Tampa PD on scene monitoring demonstrator activity @EverydayGene @TBTphotog @TampaPD #TampaPDRNC http://t.co/uW5lJHKA

NaCleggs: We are the leaderless resistance. - Protesters at #RNC marching through downtown Tampa right now. http://t.co/mywZbrLn

news3jessica: Huge police presence outside first #gop2012 security checkpoint http://t.co/LfyoVMOA

news3jessica: Protesters march around the blocks near #gop2012 http://t.co/Qe0pVdvu

tonybalogna: Protesters surrounded by police. To right out of frame is perimeter entrance blocked by horses and tanks. #GOP2012 http://t.co/Fuxr3ETN

KarenRegis: RT @Uneditedcamera Big bend coal plant spews on in the background as police saw apart earth first activists #rnc http://t.co/LA0zNUEf

NaCleggs: A couple hundred protesters are at Gaslight Park down the street from the #RNC after marching from Romneyville http://t.co/u0ZGLicT

Elizabeth Johnson: Riot police, all from @ManateeSheriff ready for potential #rnc2012 protest. http://t.co/VMKvIVIh

StopMotionsolo: The rest of the activists return, not arrested, from #teco Civil Disobedience against coal power #resistrnc #earthfirst http://t.co/L8MNV48P

MicahGrimesBN9: Deputies: #RNC protesters locked in sleeping dragon devices had to be cut out at the Big Bend Power Plant: http://t.co/u6xxOg5h

MicahGrimesBN9: Excellent photo of deputies working to free chained #RNC protesters at Big Bend Power Plant - via Laurie Davison: http://t.co/R695Q6BU

Jodie Evans: police protecting Hooters from @CODEPINK Vagina costumes #gop2012 #lol @medeabenjamin @annwright46 #TwitPict http://t.co/K8rpkQeJ

Uneditedcamera: Police agreed to let everyone go after cut out if protesters leave as well #rnc http://t.co/vVFLrYQq

TB_Times: It was a truce of sorts, delivered between two slices of bread. Police feed protesters at #rnc2012 http://t.co/I6svSbOI http://t.co/XZWVeE9e

Louis Mazzei: Media surrounding a bus of protestors for an action at Ikea in #Tampa Dont know much else now details tba.. #resistrnc http://t.co/LElvE3k3

echoreferee: RT @HC_Sheriff Multi-agency squads monitoring an impromptu sit-in protest at Dominos pizza downtown. #RNC http://t.co/tgIQ8wui

Timcast: Police in Tampa hand out gatorade to protesters at camp Romneyville #RNC http://t.co/rEfM7AGE

bucktheillest: @HostageCalm this is how the sheriffs department greeted protesters at the RNC in Tampa http://t.co/irI3FtA3

Anon_Central: This is Tampa. Several sources have estimated an upward of 10 to 1 police to protestor ratio. http://t.co/joHejN5M

TBO.com Politics: Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor meets with about 50 protesters marching in downtown #Tampa http://t.co/oUUWr6gJ #gop2012

OccupyMobile: Peaceful unpermitted march from Romneyville to park in downtown #Tampa spammed by cops. #RNC http://t.co/hg9N8rRq

PeterBernard8: Union protest march at RNC in Tampa. http://t.co/WN88ShpI

AndrewBoucher: Two protesters start yelling and the press dutifully points cameras away from Ryan to dignify the disruption. #GOP2012 http://t.co/cnCYtuSQ

PNS_WV: Police in Tampa have outnumbered protesters http://t.co/Zena7WJe

JoeHenke: Protesters and law enforcement square off in downtown Tampa #RNC http://t.co/Pi1buNEE

MaryannBatlle: Picture from this batch of #RNC2012 protests: http://t.co/Eaki8AcY

thenation: Condi Rice, accompanied tonight by an escort of 4,000 soldiers lost in Iraq. Live-drawing #RNC: http://t.co/NmrBClXy http://t.co/gscxgXg6

alexbpickett: Stand off with a few dozen protesters @Tampa. Someone called it news camera protest. #RNC2012 @CL_Tampa http://t.co/Ddjso6w7

JoeSmithTBTimes: Occupy march stops by Tampa and Tyler, where biked cops have street blocked off. Both sides silent. @PoliticsTBTimes http://t.co/KCq98ZX0

endarken: RT @civilianmedia Police blockade of #silentmarch against #policebrutality happening now in #Tampa http://t.co/m9fEVPJI

civilianmedia: Police blocking marchers in #silentmarch against #policebrutality in #Tampa http://t.co/PiDOogrz

markkottler: Spending time with the 99% & #OWS protestors in #Romneyville. Outskirts of Downtown Tampa. http://t.co/L3OT57jZ

GeorgiaMaeCompt: #Occupy protesters share a sign of peace. #2012unfiltered #unfgop #GOP2012 http://t.co/ZYtTRzh7

GeorgiaMaeCompt: Police peer down from rooftop as protesters for Workers Stand for America proceed. #2012unfiltered #unfgop #GOP2012 http://t.co/QTm2YzTk

GeorgiaMaeCompt: Protesters for Workers Stand for America march in downtown Tampa. #unfgop #GOP2012 #2012unfiltered http://t.co/CZimEK6x

Uneditedcamera: Everyone is in #tampa Capitol police #rnc http://t.co/QeRPOaGR

OccupyMobile: Stand up! Fight back! union chants at march rIght now downtown #Tampa #rnc http://t.co/tnFf9JV7

HC_Sheriff: Multi-agency squad lines up in preparation for another march near the Forum. Washington & East downtown. #RNC http://t.co/Y786PwdN

MyFoxTampaBay: RT @amillernews Waiting for Wednesday protest to start marching… http://t.co/YSCAH9Qi #RNC2012 #protests

whoisgregg: Hillsbrough county buildings in downtown #Tampa fenced, surrounded by police & have windows boarded for #RNC2012 http://t.co/zwhD3iUF

JWBritten: Plently of mounted police, few protesters. #GOP2012 http://t.co/OZJ6QIBA

TamaraLush: See this photo? Its what no news looks like. 4 pm daily #RNC police briefing is cancelled. http://t.co/jyVkufaa

Katie4PETA: My fav photo so far of the @peta pigs at #RNC. Stealing attention from the hateful Westboro Church protesters. :) http://t.co/hzjlIgTE

MSpicuzzaWSJ: Police take cover during a sudden rainstorm in Tampa outside the RNC #GOP2012 http://t.co/NQzFyj1h

Elizabeth Johnson: @codepink protesters attend Planned Parenthood rally #rnc2012 http://t.co/gKMnihvU

Elizabeth Johnson: Protester dressed as a nun at Planned Parenthood rally near #rnc2012 http://t.co/ZvQgyUA1

michele31831: @ryanraiche Wow. Look at all these protestors. #ActionRNC http://t.co/9Wa0zfCI Best pic of #RNCConvention #Tampa #tcot #SecretService

cornandpotatoes: About 150 people so far at Riverview Park in Tampa for Planned Parenthood protest. #rnc2012. @PoliticsTBTimes http://t.co/5UE8CAQk

ashleygTV: Survived our first 12 hr #RNC protest zone shift… having seen just the 1 mighty protester leaving us behind… http://t.co/rdoxvlpk

mchase22: A storm coming in over the Tampa Bay. View from the Howard Franklin bridge. Looks ominous! http://t.co/CtIl53YT

PinellasBiz: @cityoftampa police chief Jane Castor interview at #tampabay #rnc2012 http://t.co/6YVIYMAr

LeeLowry: A few of the thousands of uniformed (and undercover) police and security forces keeping us safe in #tampa. Thx! #rnc http://t.co/1wZHwT1I

OdysseyNetworks: RT @KatieMelone1 RNC protestors in Centennial Park in Ybor City focus on what they see as efforts to suppress the vote. http://t.co/W6V5V6Dy

10 News: BUSY #traffic on SB I-275 from Fowler into downtown. Give yourself A LOT of extra time. #RNC2012 @lorenavrabago http://t.co/1U0E4SBK

ashleygTV: Just us and all the protesters in the #RNC designated protest zone… Wait… just us… Still early… #ActionRNC http://t.co/bTlw7oZf

k_yoder: PLENTY of RNC protests in the streets of Ybor/Tampa today. #tcot #smellofoccupy #RNC2012 http://t.co/WqH5x2iu

amberjamie99pct: Police outnumber protesters 4 to 1 in Tampa at Republican National Convention http://t.co/imtdkkmi http://t.co/2bACFI79

SteveFriess: Outside #rnc2012 are #ronpaul protesters arguing w #occupy people I think. #capturernc #gop2012 http://t.co/SD1PIm1F

5WA - Robert Neff: Police presence in Ybor City - #tampabau http://t.co/ccK2bXiD

thebulletin: Protester holds sign over media section at #GOP2012. Another yelling during Santorum speech http://t.co/Q8WL9j9X

EricMennel: Protestors protesting Westboro Baptist Curch in Ybor. #rnc2012 http://t.co/LuYYdqdz

5WA - Robert Neff: Religious protestors? in Ybor City #tampabay http://t.co/6AYWLVGz

Uneditedcamera: Ybor city horse police #rnc in #tampa pd closes down ybor at 3 am an clear streets with horse #pd #usa http://t.co/ooqKnOsz

HoosierNwSource: In order to avoid any problems, Tampa is keeping a 1 to 1 ratio of protestors to police. @Allbritd is on the scene. http://t.co/qwBx3B58

jpatinoTrib: Two Romney and Ryan supporters arrive at anti #RNC2012 protest in Ybor. Crowd gets into it with the guests. http://t.co/M9ibUidI

indecision: Showing support for Maines Ron Paul delegates. its about fairness protesters say #gop2012 http://t.co/Eud6TXKA

chrmedpnay: Ron Paul protestors walking in downtown Tampa. #RNCtampa http://t.co/xp8sVd2w

WBCVideo: Warms the heart! RT @EParkerTimes Westboro Baptist Church members buffered from protesters #RNC2012 http://t.co/NWI7a50A

MyFoxTampaBay: RT @penzrule Police guide protesters on parade route in Ybor #RNC2012 http://t.co/2uX40wAu #protests

_NicholasJones: Police following the protestors on 7th st. #2012unfiltered #unfgop http://t.co/cN1IxUac

Drew Harwell: http://t.co/IHj6rFcJ Were here for your safety, say #RNC2012 jester pack, blocking protesters from police horses.

RobynLStiles: Another protest in Ybor City, complete with police escort. No real coherent message. http://t.co/f413kMMa

_NicholasJones: Occupy Tampa protestors are walking toward 7th street in Ybor City #2012unfiltered #gop2012 http://t.co/0zGdGlCu

Louis Mazzei: @foxnews being ridiculed out of Centennial park Anti voter suppression rally #resistrnc http://t.co/AZq37uIm

BobJones310: RT @CarsonChambers Counter protest to Westboro baptist church police in riot gear here too #actionrnc http://t.co/kKBls3f3

EricMennel: @wusf protestors rally in Ybor against voter suppression - a personal issue for many locals #rnc2012 http://t.co/0QDor89q

kristoferrios: Protestors at Ybor Centennial Park rally in Tampa. @MiamiHerald #RNC http://t.co/JOUJhDR8

jasoncherkis: Voter suppression protest going on in Ybor City right now. http://t.co/hdjhxPeY

penzrule: @MyFoxTampaBay bus load of protesters show up in ybor for voter suppression rally #GOP2012 http://t.co/zRB5kF2n

Robert Caruso: LOL, no one wants to bomb Ybor RT @wflatampa Tampa Police investigate suspicious pkg in Ybor City near Centennial Park. http://t.co/zmiFP0Fk

WFLA NEWS: @peterbernard8 on scene of a Ron Paul rally in downtown Tampa. http://t.co/yODQUJZX

KristyyMcG: Tampa is so crazy right now! So much police! And crazy protesters galore! http://t.co/NZcnY6h7

vbench: RT @ryanraiche Waiting for an RNC live shot yesterday when the riot police walked by. Theyre everywhere in Tampa. #ActionRNC http://t.co/qunlaQHs

Drew Harwell: http://t.co/6UjbHMl9 #RNC2012 protesters load onto buses for next march in Ybor. Load black flag into trunk. Organization!

NewsieAsh: @bn9traffic @bn9 protestors at Walton and Nebraska protest zone #rnc http://t.co/TWRliXy9

EParkerTimes: Westboro baptist protesters meet occupy Tampa #2012TampaBay http://t.co/4AGulost

Drew Harwell: http://t.co/Kl5P3syP Westboro, police and protesters all double back onto Nebraska, heading north along interstate.

NewsieAsh: Protestors in protest lot #rnc @bn9 http://t.co/m4kU7Acg

Drew Harwell: http://t.co/9ZGqB9q2 Stalemate at Caesar/Walton. Westboro few vs. divided #RNC2012 protesters. Cloud cover cools sinners, saints alike.

ashleygTV: @JamisonWFTS Approx 200 Occupy protesters confronting Westboro Baptist Church members http://t.co/c1bzHLOO #RNC Tampa, FL

Occupy_Tampabay: RT @MyFoxTampaBay MT @TampaPD Officers placing themselves between 2 vocal groups of demonstrators, Westboro and another group. #protests http://t.co/ap0FctZD

UstreamNews: Riot police, dueling protests outside #RNC. @StopMotionsolo is LIVE: http://t.co/Yrcx3uLa http://t.co/gqtLLXPI http://t.co/ZdsrjbdH

TheBullGator: #Gators everywhere. Even near the police thing in Tampa for the RNC. RT @carsonchambers http://t.co/4PV7DnsA

Louis Mazzei: #westboro vs. #occupy moderated by the police state #resistrnc #owsrnc http://t.co/YU9VqGRR

CarsonChambers: Police in turtle gear move in #actionrnc http://t.co/MlWZrajA

a_politikill: #GOP2012 in Tampa, #RNC protesters seeking free hand-outs & socialist alternative http://t.co/hHvLrlnw

JFurKSL: This Romney-Ryan sign now hangs in front of the Utah delegation office here in Tampa. Delegates are excited today. http://t.co/U9uO2xmL

rshawTrib: Anyone for a man (or woman) in uniform? Scene from Madison Street in downtown #Tampa #GOP2012 http://t.co/TITcWaoH

anchorwendyryan: RT @CarsonChambers Nebraska and whiting police in riot gear waiting for protestors #actionrnc http://t.co/VMXg1XYH

eric raddatz: Sunny - no #isaac at @kahwacafe #tampa #rnc … Some of Tampa street reportedly closed because of protests http://t.co/Vkdua80Q

wayneatherholt: Friend just posted this pic of downtown #Tampa #RNC2012 some kind of protest foto by Thompson Kellett http://t.co/EzW51VNG

OccupyEye: Riot police moving in Tampa. No protesters around. #RNC http://t.co/hBZCIl8w

WFLA NEWS: Overhead view of #RNC2012 protestors in Tampa #WFLA http://t.co/ZBOu169e

Elizabeth Johnson: Miami Beach man protests in Tampa. #rnc2012 http://t.co/zbcGKct2

JonGaled: Protestors leading a peaceful demonstration through downtown Tampa #RNC2012 http://t.co/PzpIolD7

SRossetter: Police have protesters trapped. They sit on ground. #RNC2012 http://t.co/5uOG7VfL

JeremyFOX13: Protest march downtown Tampa #RNC2012 pic: http://t.co/AF4aiUcT

pdriscoll811: Downtown #Tampa has never seen so much police presence, pedestrian traffic and activity. #GOP2012 #RNC2012 http://t.co/fs42FU3U

CarsonChambers: #RonPaul rally downtown Tampa #actionrnc http://t.co/CkmKMBup

SacACCE: #Sacramento #99Percent #Voters tag #California #GOP banner at #RNC when security blocked them from protesting. http://t.co/DDbPqaeO

TampaBayTraffic: FDOT cam view of police waiting for group of protestors. #Rnc2012 http://t.co/Lg5nh7t0

RepressedNews: When it rains it pours here in Tampa. #ResistRNC #OccupyRNC #RNC #Police #occupy #ows http://t.co/DO0GUsxv

Alexander L. Gahan : A police horse in Tampa, all dressed up in his riot gear for the RNC http://t.co/87bjbqf5

kslpetersamore: Whats a day at #RNC w/o Ron Paul supporters? Other protests peaceful so far. Lots of police. @kslnewsradio @kslcom http://t.co/aPtpjoeh

prole_hugs: Photo of militarized police in Tampa by @BatmanWI #rnc http://t.co/cQhc8zkB

PaulMS2: Look at this picture of protesters down in Tampa Theres about 6 losers sitting in street & about 50 media to record it http://t.co/SIBlncXq

codepink: One Entrance to place where war criminal Condi Rice will be is blocked, VIP entrance guarded by 2 rows of police #rnc http://t.co/SeExpQY4

_1NickWilliams: Code Pink protestors outside the Tampa Straz Center. Protestors calling Condoleezza Rice a war criminal #rnc2012 http://t.co/IyIIU20m

_1NickWilliams: Protestors outside the Tampa Straz Center chant against Condoleezza Rice, who they say is a war criminal #rnc2012 http://t.co/1OKkFqGK

JennyQuinnCash: Road blocks, traffic detours, media, police & 0 access 2 downtown the #RNC2012 has brought some lovely folks 2 #Tampa http://t.co/LDvQeq4a

sam_23993: RT @ASE PHOTO: RT @omarbaddar Heavy police presence around the #RNC2012 convention center (earlier today) #Tampa http://t.co/FWbx0ZMe

Tom Washington: Tent city at 7th and Nebraska where protestors are fed and housed #gop2012 #RNC2012 #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/ICzFUROm

jimmorrill: Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and police chief at daily briefing, praising officers restraint. #ncpol #rnc2012 http://t.co/blNQxqqK

JonathanMattise: Cara Jennings, protesters attended to by cops after interrupting Rubio speech at #rnc2012 fla delegation breakfast http://t.co/JxUtUi7p

DaniCaps: Tampa buys khaki uniforms 2 make massive police presence @ RNC seem a little less intimidating Ya right! #PoliceState http://t.co/CT5ESD4H

DSchumansays: @TampaBayTraffic minor delays after Univ of Tampa to get over the bridge into downtown #Tampa. http://t.co/bOEh8DF1

RepressedNews: Police blocked hundreds of protesters from making their way 2 the Republican National Convention. #ResistRNC #OccupyRNC http://t.co/1CM9eSuQ

TBTphotog: Look like the protestors have ended their march in Ybor City for now. #RNC2012 http://t.co/KOBfx1oB

Emmalee Mattern: Occupy protestors march the streets of Ybor City in Tampa giving shouts of a revolution. #RNC @foxnation @RedAlert http://t.co/IvBVmCPi

DuncanBaird: Small protest went down the street a few minutes ago in Ybor City. #gop2012 http://t.co/qdTM5gVT

ralphreed: With Ambassador Gerry Carmen, a hero of the Reagan revolution, in Tampa. http://t.co/KK2cfDPE

Chris_Carhart: Briefing @FLGovScott and @FLSERT Director Koon on #RNC protests in Tampa. http://t.co/FqwpNwVM

Howard Altman: #gop2012 police deploy their Long Range Acoustic Device during a protest. http://t.co/M4FzCGMN

whatescapes: Scene at Midnight in Ybor hosted by Ed Gillespie…different scene than this mornings #gop2012 #marchinthernc http://t.co/GTVwaCMl

duanejsimpson: Some humorous protesters in Tampa. http://t.co/FbgABjjT

MetatronAnonymo: #RonPaul holds massive rally in Florida despite tropical storm. #RNC http://t.co/uuNfY704 http://t.co/2SShBv4Z

YPress: A sign of protest in downtown Tampa. #RNC #YPress http://t.co/gyyCF08p

FLCAN: 99%ers March down 7th Ave in Ybor with help of the police. End rally with chant of The police need a raise! #rnc #p2 http://t.co/0Fzbq9gU

heatherb102: Right now everyone is seeking shelter. Cops and protestors #RNC2012 #ResistRNC #OccupyTheRNC http://t.co/fqFtqTPN

jgreenSTPA: Democracy in action as protestors March in Tampa. Ron Paul supporters from Germany! #ronpaul #RNC2012 @EnvisionAVision http://t.co/ssiG3ps1

Y-Press: State troopers in riot gear guard against the left-wing March on #RNC protest … #YPress http://t.co/SsIlzNEQ

johnhamiltonnyc: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker praises free speech after protesters ejected from Faith & Freedom Coalition at #RNC http://t.co/agUCnVEe

Ivanroberson: Photo of the police roaming the streets of Tampa looking for protesters #RNC #PoliceState #OWS http://t.co/G69F6v8e

WatchdogFla: Armed state troopers facing off against protesters #sayfie #RNC #Tampa http://t.co/dmlNY1eB

StopMotionsolo: Line of protesters seated with riot police standing in front of them http://t.co/GR0xlFrH #resistrnc http://t.co/WiZu7PSr

Mike_Peake: #ResistRNC Riot police line (which is now 2-3 deep) Via Timcast http://t.co/8P9sq4bv

StopMotionsolo: Police escort in back of march http://t.co/GR0xlFrH or http://t.co/mHC6Xq0x #resistrnc http://t.co/jLbEnpIr

MarkPuente: #RNC2012 protesters chillin before march in #Tampa @PoliticsTBTimes http://t.co/klSi6uKO

amillernews: Protesters at Romneyville getting ready to march. #GOP2012 http://t.co/Bfr2jWmG

TVinsonTV: Here is a view of the #romneyville camp in Tampa on Monday. Many staying here are protesters #actionRNC #RNC2012 http://t.co/A82v0B2I

judah_robinson: Police standing guard at the @marchonthernc protest in Tampa. #RNC2012 @Off_the_Bus http://t.co/9iHeWwLS

CordoverLaw: No hurricane or protesters, but plenty of police and port-a-potties in #downtowntampa. #rnc http://t.co/H6GbjcII

theobserver: toddsumlin: Lots of police for #rnc2012 protesting in #Tampa #theobserver http://t.co/fvFSL5fC http://t.co/RcCx6bUM

whatescapes: Black block marches thru police line to water coolers, everyone drinks. #tampa #marchonthernc http://t.co/A5cZEkV0

melaniepepe: Today at the #RNC: All I saw was Police, National Guard, Secret Service, and Security. Potentional protestors?: Maybe 2 http://t.co/CygNxev4

KerryNBC: #RNC2012 a few hundred march in Tampa to Protest. More @nbcnightlynews http://t.co/A8qxSSLS

AdamGabbatt: Around 100 people broke off from the march after it reached the #RNC and are now heading back towards the park http://t.co/Ujh50dJa

PGscottwilliams: Photo: RT @mattbomberg Another look inside the GOP rally today in Paul Ryans hometown. #obama #romney #rnc http://t.co/8FTj3Zl2

Ingrid Rojas: Authorities taking pictures of protesters at #marchonthernc @UnivisionNews http://t.co/ZzMczdCl

OCongress: Photo: #RNC protestors drop banner from Tampa highrise. http://t.co/HAJSpC5q

helenamerriman: Almost as many police as protesters at #RNC march in #Tampa http://t.co/ORqOr2l1

Marissa_Jae: Gavin, 5, and grandma came to watch #democracy in #Tampa as protesters march on, chanting We are the 99%! #rnc2012 http://t.co/jKWClGka

TBORay: Bike cops block the streets as protesters march on. #RNC2012 #RNCTampa #GOP2012 http://t.co/s9OtfvJZ

TampaBayTraffic: My vantage point from @abcactionnews protestors in left monitor, I-275 exit closure to Orange St in right. #RNC2012 http://t.co/yh6PCEBw

Joanna Slater: Phalanx of bicycle cops surrounding march in downtown Tampa. http://t.co/K7s5pwNJ

EliciaDover: RNC protest numbers have picked up. A couple hundred now marching to convention center area through downtown Tampa. http://t.co/xRH00gns

Ingrid Rojas: #marchonthernc is 3 equal parts: security, press, protesters feeding of each other. @UnivisionNews http://t.co/iktBe1UJ

heatherb102: #MarchontheRNC starting to march w. police escort #OccupyTheRNC #ResistRNC #RNC2012 #OccupyRNC http://t.co/pJ3iNdth

TBORay: Love and protests. 40 minutes to the big march #RNC2012 #RNCTampa #GOP2012 #protests http://t.co/H7bo2wYz

sebwalker: Heavy police presence at #marchonthernc in #Tampa for #GOP2012. Security bill for both conventions: $100m http://t.co/9JCl9nN1

MarkSuppelsa: Tropical storm warning reportedly canceled for Tampa. This fire and rescue driver told me rain should clear ton/tomrw http://t.co/ov4KTfEC

rosenquista: RT @FrancoOrdonez Sparse crowd of wet demonstrators at RNC rally. 5,000 were expected before storm. A few hundred here. #rnc2012 http://t.co/U33hkGfh

Green Liberation: Hope you liked the photo essay of @CodePink protesting against the war on women by the archaic #RNC http://t.co/9HyqslqA

helenamerriman: Couple of hundred protesters gathered in #Tampa. Speeches on gay rights, citizens united, education, immigrants and war http://t.co/K4sQ7kjl

tombenning: Heres a view of the pre-march rally against #GOP2012. Maybe 300 people here, and LOTS of media. http://t.co/T3BJ26TU

Fernando Pizarro: Protest near RNC in Tampa. 5,000 protesters expected but fewer present due to Isaac @UnivisionNews http://t.co/odzUSejE

sandrewswfla: Weather keeping protesters from getting to Tampa for March on RNC rally. http://t.co/MkfXkrhl

heatherb102: #MarchontheRNC crowd gathering surrounded by police, some filming us #ResistRNC #RNC2012 #OccupyTheRNC #OccupyRNC http://t.co/7ZXkhfuP

Nathan Dutton: @Talkmaster Coalition March Against the RNC forming a rally in Tampa. http://t.co/5az00MPR— theres 10s of people ready to storm RNC

Marissa_Jae: Speakers from #activist orgs rally smaller-than-expected #RNC2012 protest. @politicsTBTimes. #tampa #RNCgram http://t.co/Zs51dOoB

RoyKuntz: Police are all over downtown. #Tampa #RNC http://t.co/29JE1Pe0

lizflock: Tampa police in shorts, on bikes: http://t.co/hrzocMgG

Timcast: Police at #RNC warning people not to use shields. http://t.co/1fenmOko

TravRuiz: Heavy rain heading into downtown #Tampa #RNC2012 #GOP2012 #Rep2012 http://t.co/bCXiXGtn

GOPorBust: In Tampa after passing hundreds of police, national guard, & secret service I finally made it into the secure zone http://t.co/gyinGsJB

anonoccubloc: RT @TrentinShreeve The police definitely showed up in force. There are packs of 20 to 30 patrolling the streets. #RNC #tampa http://t.co/l7u79agn

youthradio: Lots, and lots, and LOTS of police in downtown Tampa, preparing for Republican convention and impending storm. http://t.co/txzRqOPd

mikeallenlong: Hostility between protesters and police during the RNC. #rnc #p2 #madeyoulook http://t.co/Az43VAGL

abcactionnews: Right now @LHurtadoWFTS is at #RNC2012 party from the Trop. Another inside pic. http://t.co/1VZWFVz5

nbcaaron: Heavy police presence in Tampa. 4000 officers trained to secure #RNC @nbcwashington http://t.co/uebCE7qv

Chase Cain: Armed military patrolling downtown #Tampa. Windows covered up. No protestors. No storm …. Yet. #RNC http://t.co/xwsncLhc

OccupyEye: Group of 300+ protesters in St Petersburg to protest a 1%er cocktail party. Live at http://t.co/ul01k5GI #RNC http://t.co/ZFEeitqG

Rich Mullins: Enthusiastic, yet polite, protesters march on #GOP2012 in what police call unplanned march: http://t.co/spfyhAH0

awiss420: RT @heatherb102 Pic from downtown Tampa - saw this around several buildings. #OccupyRNC #ResistRNC #RNC2012 #OccupyTheRNC http://t.co/nJrPLTaH

LauraHarrisWFTS: Protestors and police in downtown #Tampa ahead of #RNC2012 http://t.co/bCqOCYLK

heatherb102: Pic from downtown Tampa - police are everywhere in big groups #OccupyRNC #ResistRNC #RNC2012 #OccupyTheRNC http://t.co/ELK92cv2

DrBenway2323: RT @heatherb102 Pic from downtown Tampa - saw this around several buildings. #OccupyRNC #ResistRNC #RNC2012 #OccupyTheRNC http://t.co/NeU4boFN

TampaRealEstate: RT @Ivanroberson Spotted near Tampa.. LOL! Dogs against Romney: http://t.co/drSlL8Lt

joe johns: Hows fishin? Lonely Police boats on the Tampa water front as rain rolls ahead of RNC http://t.co/uwCWJw2f

KRGV_Jordan: Heavy rain moving into #Tampa now. Making for a messy day for those of us just arriving #GOP2012 http://t.co/gtRFtorK

LauraHarrisWFTS: Found some protestors in downtown #Tampa law enforcement on bikes standing by … #RNC2012 http://t.co/XdOyXZqW

JoeyDeex: Crowd at Ron Paul rally Tampa http://t.co/HEY6uFid

PBrownYNN: Speakers continue to show support for @RonPaul_2012 at Tampa rally. Paul tp speak in 30min. @TXCapTonight @YNNAustin http://t.co/uPDgTMp1

WDBO: Dogs against #Romney protest in downtown #Tampa. #RNC. http://t.co/TcoBCCeY

TrentinShreeve: First protest I saw outside a church in Downtown #Tampa Cops waiting… #RNC2012 #RNC with @photosbybenny http://t.co/5Q3UzNj8

weelchrboy: RT @johnhamiltonnyc Jack Abramoff co-conspirator, former George W. Bush adviser & Christian conservative calling for Mideast war at #RNC http://t.co/qZZtkGqi

TrentinShreeve: CODEPink protesters out at Gaslight Park. #Tampa #RNC2012 with @Photosbybenny http://t.co/Rt9SQrQw

whatescapes: #marchonthernc organizer tells press protests against the #rnc on Monday, despite the weather #isaac #rnc2012 http://t.co/mUWq32Ps

SuperNola1: Downtown Tampa is looking like a Police state right now … http://t.co/kcZarYJE

bananalise: 200 person protest of #GOP2012 in Tampa. http://t.co/TQUI1yNm

molopez: 200 person rally in downtown Tampa. http://t.co/myUpeUGo

jimmorrill: Tampa police escorting 99 %ers. #rnc2012 #ncpol #tampa http://t.co/IMqW39xz

jimmorrill: Mounted police patrol in Tampa. #ncpol #rnc2012 http://t.co/kXtE8EFp

LavBug87: In Tampa covering the Repub Convention. Cue protestors. http://t.co/u1Lr9yWf

codepink: YES! Working class protesters roll out red carpet outside of #GOP2012 event @marchonthernc #tampa http://t.co/j0v3aBQU

tedoberg: Storm doesnt keep @RonPaul supporters away. Thousands gather for pre-RNC Paul rally in Tampa. Paul speaks later. http://t.co/9IAtzvQr

lmyerslvrj: #GOP respect women! Says sign from pink garbed women protesters outside #tampa convention http://t.co/wtT5Ahk3

Rosemary Connors: Residents in Tampa prep for Isaac, RNC waits for storm to pass- tonight @ 11 #NBC10 http://t.co/87SFTVAb

Stowydad: Ron Paul rally at Tampa basketball arena has feel of rock concert more than political fest http://t.co/G838B0Xj

kyleeakin: Storm Troopers invading the neighborhood! #RNC #RNC2012 #Tampa http://t.co/Mn0joo2p

MaryannBatlle: Police patrolling #Tampa streets on horses. (Also seen them on bikes.) http://t.co/5OPj6WQh

learyreports: Not far from #RNC, a protest builds. Downtown Tampa pretty quiet so far. http://t.co/qWdNWJlp

JeffSolochek: 5 minutes to entry at #ronpaul rally #rnc2012 @PoliticsTBTimes http://t.co/PHCqS2V2

chriswilkerson4: Before #issac and protesters, law enforcement removing even more downtown #Tampa trash bins. #RNCeeingit #RNC http://t.co/UWbwH33p

mezcal1323: Strong #Police presence here today in #TampA http://t.co/aqvSrE9q