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denbote: Police women at #SONA2013 takes their position

NerdishMars13: RT @ABSCBNNews PHOTO: Ratio of police, soldiers to civilians in 1986 vs 2013 #SONA2013

ABSCBNNews: PHOTO: Aquino on housing program for police, military #SONA2013

iamdavidlozada: Protesters hold their program while the police guard the barricade. #Rstream @rapplerdotcom #SONA2013

DemayoMark: Militants clash with police after breaking down fences leading southbound of Commonwealth Ave #RStream #SONA2013

DemayoMark: Police barricade protects itself after militants throw eggs and rocks earlier. #RStream #SONA2013

DemayoMark: Earlier, protesters march toward Batasan with the traditional effigy. #RStream #SONA2013

ANCALERTS: #SONA2013 RT @pia_gutierrez Police pushing back another group of protesters trying to occupy Commonwealth SB

vaughnnephi: RT @ABSCBNNews RT @pia_gutierrez Another big group of protesters marches down Commonwealth Avenue #SONA2013

JericPena: Police trying to disperse #SONA2013 protesters along Commonwealth Ave

paolo_andrei02: RT @ABSCBNNews Protesters clash with police along Commonwealth Ave #SONA2013

iamdavidlozada: Traffic at a halt in front of St. Peter! Protesters crossed to the southbound lane allotted for vehicles. #rstream

YouScoop: PHOTO: Police take cover as protesters throw eggs to symbolize their rating for PNoy #SONA2013 | via @edge_genciagan

JericPena: #SONA2013 protesters now at Ever Commonwealth

iamforhope: RT @rapplerdotcom PHOTO: VIOLENCE ABOUT TO BREAK. Protesters about to break the police lines. #SONA2013 via @iamdav…

iamdavidlozada: The police line blocks protesters in near St. Peter Church in Commonwealth @rapplerdotcom #SONA2013 #Rstream

DemayoMark: Militants protest in front of a police barricade after an attempt to reach PNoys home in Times St. #RStream

LeanneJazul: Activists from Southern Tagalog marches to protest in front of Pres Aquinos residence on Times St in QC. #Rstream