Tsunami, Earthquake, Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands, South Pacific, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand

saifal_shamsi: 5.2 earthquake in Solomon Islands http://t.co/h8hCAiBn http://t.co/sjqTtKiV

Rosemarie North: Lifeguards clear Kapiti beaches after #tsunami warning following Solomons quake http://t.co/1bnjWqgr

Rosspnz: @Philskinner3 re that webcam in Fiji, here is screen grab from an hour ago. No real change yet, just tide going out http://t.co/MQZiyR7C

nyjaybird: Huge earthquake in the South Pacific but no tsunami warning here in Hawaii. Saw a cool rainbow though. http://t.co/WIDBmTUt

NatashaS428: RT @tomsteinfort More images rolling in of traffic mayhem and people heading for higher ground in Fiji in wake of the tsunami warning https://t.co/uj9jaCmF

latin_vybe: Major 8.0 quake hits Solomon Islands, destruction reported http://t.co/fOmlNhkV http://t.co/0CyrbQLZ

Haydn Dunn: Map showing where the earthquake happened and what areas are at risk now. #tsunami http://t.co/o67ELzwz

BienPerez: AUS, NZ & Indonesia on tsunami watch after earthquake off Solomon Islands. (via BBC News Asia) http://t.co/VQqNlhBC http://t.co/xuypTAQ2

tomsteinfort: Traffic mayhem in Fiji as people rush for higher ground while tsunami warning sirens sound #tsunami https://t.co/gZc3QWLR

xtinebutcher: @KHOLMESlive #BREAKING: #tsunami warning now includes Australia, among others… (H/T @newsbreaker) http://t.co/7gt67Kc9 #netmed

thoughtsandnews: RT @weatherchannel 8.0 earthquake occurred near Solomon Islands at 8:12pm ET. Earthquake was shallow. A tsunami was generated. http://t.co/SVitMB5w

rachaparkinson: Solomon Islands earthquake details http://t.co/rjhkMjo2

GigiGraciette: BREAKING: 8.0 earthquake in South Pacific. #Tsunami warning. Developing. @myfoxla http://t.co/XiCpoo1J